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Want to know what we're currently working on? Find upcoming features and priorities on our roadmap.
Want to know what we're currently working on? Find upcoming features and priorities on our roadmap

September 19, 2023 — Introducing Tally 2.0

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We have a new logo, a redesign and lots of product improvements in store for you—making Tally 2.0 even more user-friendly and powerful. 

We’re now live on Product Hunt →
Support our launch We have a new logo, a redesign and lots of product improvements in store for you—making Tally 2.0 even more user-friendly and powerful. We’re now live on Product Hunt

 🎨 Redesigned dashboard

Say hello to a complete redesign of Tally's dashboard! You commented, and we listened. Here's what's new:
  • Fresh new dashboard design with a simplified header menu
  • Sticky sidebar (it stays visible when you edit a form)
  • Breadcrumbs for easier navigation when you open a form to see the page hierarchy
notion image

Command menu

The new command menu (/Ctrl + K) helps you use Tally faster via keyboard shortcuts. Use it in the dashboard to find or create forms and workspaces and in the form builder to add new pages, go to preview mode, insert blocks, and more.
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🔐 Two-factor authentication (2FA)

A highly-requested feature is here! You can now for double the security to protect your Tally account. Your authenticator app of choice is all you need for the setup.

💳 Payment block update

Previously, our payment block had its own Pay button that allowed respondents to complete their payment without clicking Submit. This resulted in incomplete form submissions for some users.
Here’s how we’ve improved our payment block:
  • We removed the Pay button in the new version, and the payment will only happen when the respondent clicks the ‘Next’ or ‘Submit’ button.
  • The payment block has been redesigned to look more sleek and professional
  • The form name is now included as a description for your payments in Stripe, making it easier to identify payments
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August 21, 2023 — Date setting: Disable days


📆 Disable days in the date picker

We improved our data input block with a ‘Disable days’ setting allowing you to disable certain days for respondents. Open the date settings :: to adjust.
How it works
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August 3, 2023 — Restore deleted forms, workspaces and submissions


🗑️ Restore forms, workspaces and submissions

You can now restore forms, workspaces and submissions deleted in the last 90 days.
Click the Trash icon in the Product section of your dashboard to access deleted content.
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💾 Auto-save published forms

Published forms are now automatically saved. This means you won’t loose your progress if you refresh the form builder without publishing the form. You still need to click the Publish button to push changes to the live form.

June 29, 2023 — Authenticated file upload URLs


🔗 Authenticated file uploads URLs

File uploads available in your Tally form submissions dashboard can be accessed through a link.
  • You now must be logged in and have access to the form to be able to open the files.
  • When you choose to export your file uploads to third-party tools using our integrations, an access token is added to the links, which makes them accessible without the need to be logged-in.

June 5, 2023 — New multiple choice settings


1️⃣ Multiple choice settings

The new multiple choice settings allow you to:
  • Accept multiple responses
  • Add color codes
  • Remove the letter badge or use numbers
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⬇️ Multi-select setting for dropdown

Turn your dropdown question into a multi-select by enabling the Multiple-selection option.

May 31, 2023 — Multi-select question


👯‍♀️ Multi-select question

The multi-select question allows respondents to select multiple answer options from a dropdown menu. This type of question is commonly used to gather information on preferences, opinions, or behaviors that may have multiple possible answers.
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May 23, 2023 — Matrix question


😎 Matrix question

Type /matrix to create a matrix question. The matrix block allows respondents to input data in a grid-like format. It can be used to create a Likert scale or for questions that involve multiple statements or criteria with a common set of response options.
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April 19, 2023 — Add multiple integrations & view sync history


 Add multiple integrations of the same type

You can now connect your form to multiple integrations of the same type, for example: send your form submissions to 2 different Notion databases. Simply click Connect to add another connection.
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🕓 Integration sync logs

You can now get insights into the submission sync requests of your integration. Just click 🕓 next to your integration connection.
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💅🏻 Redesign integrations tab

Our integrations tab got a fresh design, resulting in a better overview of the available integrations and popular Make/Zapier connections.
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April 3, 2023 — Reorder forms & workspaces


↕ Reorder forms and workspaces

You can now drag and drop to reorder forms and workspaces in the sidebar and dashboard view.
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March 28, 2023 — Progress bar & RTL support


🍫 Progress bar

The progress bar provides a clear way for respondents to understand how much of the form they have completed, and encourages them to continue until the end.
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؏ RTL support

Tally now supports right-to-left text, which makes it easier to use for forms written in Arabic, Hebrew, and Yoruba. You can now enable RTL support from the form’s language settings.

⚙️ Notion integration

We don't truncate options' text anymore (no more 80 characters limit).

March 9, 2023 — Click to open workspaces & insert Respondent/Submission ID.


📂 Open a workspace

You can now click a workspace title in the sidebar to open a new page with only this workspace’s forms.
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Mention Submission & Respondent ID

You can now mention the Submission ID & Respondent ID on custom Thank you pages (just type @).

🔝 Form embed

  • Respondents will now scroll to the top of the form on page change.
  • Form embed in WordPress: if people use the HTML snippet, we detect and remove the sandbox attribute, which was preventing form submissions.

📆 Clear date input

Respondents can now remove the selected date by clearing the input.

March 6, 2023 — Submissions tab update


🗑️ Delete multiple form submissions

You can now select and delete multiple or all form submissions at once. Select and deselect all is not supported on mobile.
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✨ Submissions table update

  • The header of the submissions table is now sticky on scroll
  • The pagination of the submissions table is now sticky on scroll

February 28, 2023 — File upload settings


🌅 File Upload settings

  • Allow multiple files (and set a minimum and maximum number of files)
  • Set a maximum file size
  • Define the allowed file types
Learn more about file uploads

February 16, 2023 — Ranking & Randomization


🥇 Ranking question

The ranking question allows respondents to quickly and easily compare multiple options and determine which they prefer most and least.
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🤹‍♀️ Randomization of answers

Respondents may be inclined to select the first presented answer option, so Tally from creators can now randomize the order of answer options to improve the quality of collected data.

⚙️  Airtable integration update

Upgraded to the latest Airtable API which allows for better integration experience. The base, table and fields can now be selected instead of being manually added.

February 7, 2023 — Image block updates


🌆 Image block: Caption, link & Alt-text

You can now add a caption, URL and Alt-text to the images in your form.
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📆 Date block: choose week start

Choose on which day the weeks displayed in the date picker should start.

🐇 Auto-jump pages with hidden blocks

Your respondents can now to the next form page, even when your page contains hidden blocks.

January 26, 2023 — General improvements


💳 Payment block

Incomplete payments are not being created anymore in Stripe when respondents don’t complete a payment form.

☎️ Phone number block

Morocco is now shown on the op the list for +212 calling code

December 2022 — Performance improvements


📉 Performance improvements

  • Form load time: 2x faster
  • Web resources transferred: 3.5x less

November 21, 2022 — International phone number format


📱 Formatted phone number block

The new Phone Number block is designed to help you collect phone numbers in a formatted and neat-looking way. It’s a powerful update to ensure that every phone number you collect is clean, readable, and valid.

🇧🇬 Bulgarian language support

We now support Bulgarian default form messages

September 15, 2022 — New embed options


🤹‍♂️ Improved embed options

We now support 4 new form embed options:
  • Dynamic height for standard embeds
  • All embed types now have automatic forwarding of website's current page and query parameters (as hidden fields)
  • Popup: Show only once option
  • Popup: Don't show after submit option

🚦 Notion Status property

Our Notion integration now supports the new status property type.

September 9, 2022 — Keyboard shortcuts


⌨️ New keyboard shortcuts

Build your forms even faster with our keyboard shortcuts.

🇷🇴 🇭🇷  Romanian and Croatian language support

We now support Romanian and Croatian default form messages.

August 22, 2022 — Change From name in email alerts


📧 Change ‘From name’ for email alerts

You can now customize the name of the sender when using email notifications. The email domain of the sender is not customizable yet. All emails are sent from the domain [email protected].
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August 17, 2022 — Custom CSS


💄 Style your form with custom CSS

You can now fully control the design of your forms by injecting custom CSS. This Tally Pro feature and can be found in the design options in the form builder.
How to inject custom CSS
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August 8, 2022 — New form settings


🐇 Enable Auto-jump to next page

Auto-jumping to the next page is now disabled by default. You can enable it in Settings → Behavior → Auto-jump to next page. Auto-jump is only available for multiple choice, dropdown, rating or linear scale questions.

🗄 Save answers for later

Save answers of not-submitted forms, so respondents can continue from where they left off. The answers are stored in the local browser storage and never leave the respondent’s computer. Go to Settings → Behavior → Save answers for later.

Catalan language support

We now support Catalan default form messages.

August 1, 2022 — Select and hide/show multiple blocks


🪄 Mass hide/show blocks

Drag to select multiple blocks and open the block options  :: to hide, delete or duplicate the selected blocks
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☑️ Select and deselect grouped blocks

When using conditional logic, you can now click the question title to select or deselect all child blocks at once.
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🇷🇸 Serbian language support

We now support Serbian default form messages.

July 14, 2022 — Input block updates


⏰ Clear time input

Respondents can now clear their answers to the time input block by selecting -

✏️ Character limit for short answers

You can now add a character limit to short answers by opening the block settings :: of your input block.

🎨 Copy formatted text

When copy + pasting formatted text the formatting will remain intact.

✔️ Checkbox results

Empty checkbox results are now always displayed as - in the form submissions.

July 8, 2022 — Customization: Change fonts


🔠 Change form fonts

You can choose any font from the Google Fonts library (900+ fonts) to use in your Tally forms.

% File upload progress

The file upload block now shows the upload progress to your form respondents.
See example
notion image

June 9, 2022 — Customization: Change form colors


🎨 Change form colors (beta)

Customize the colors of your form background, buttons, text and accents (links, selected options and focussed inputs). You can pick a pre-made theme or create your own custom one.

🇺🇦 Ukrainian language support

We now support Ukrainian default form messages.

🌈 Color picker for text formatting

You can now apply your own custom color to text and highlights.

May 16, 2022 — Pipedream integration


🛠  Pipedream integration

Build and run workflows using the Tally API with Pipedream. Use 1000s of open source triggers and actions across 700+ apps. Or write custom code to integrate any app or API in seconds. Learn more about the Pipedream integration

Turkish and Yoruba language support

We now Turkish and Yoruba default form messages.

May 3, 2022 — Column layout


🚧 Column layout (beta)

Column layout is now out in beta. We’re working hard on polishing this feature with the help of your feedback. So if you have any questions, thoughts or found a bug, please let us know.

Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew language support

We now support Chinese (simplified and traditional), Hebrew and Arabic default form messages.

💬 Placeholder text for dropdown questions

You can now add placeholder text to your dropdown questions.
How it works
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April 12, 2022 — Vietnamese & Spanish (Mexico) language support


🇻🇳🇲🇽 Vietnamese & Spanish (Mexico) language support

We now support Chines default form messages.

April 1, 2022 — Chinese language support


🇨🇳 Chinese language support

We now support Chines default form messages.

March 14, 2022 — Date formatting & translation


📆 Date formatting and translation

By adjusting the language of your form in the form settings, the date block and date format will automatically be translated as well.
A French example
notion image

  🇵🇭🇧🇷 Filipino & Brazilian Portuguese language support

We now support Filipino and Brazilian Portuguese default form messages.

March 9, 2022 — Page names


✍️  Edit page names

You can now edit the names of the pages in your form. Renaming your pages helps to structure your forms and set up conditional logic.
Simply click the page number to rename
notion image

🐇 Page jumps are now linked to page blocks

The action ‘jump to page’ used to be based on the page number, which caused issues when you add or move pages around. Now, the logic is linked to the page block, which will automatically update the page numbers in your logic jumps.

March 3, 2022 — Dropdown search


🔎 Dropdown search

Respondents can now search a dropdown and find their answer more easily.
See it in action
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🇮🇩🇱🇻 Indonesian and Latvian language support

We now support Indonesian and Latvian default form messages.

March 2, 2022 — Bulk insert lists


➕ Bulk insert option lists

With Bulk Insert you can import lists of answer options into your form, instead of manually adding them one by one. This is especially handy when want to include long lists such as countries or dial codes in your form.
How it works
Simply paste your options in the first answer option of your question or open the block settings :: and choose Bulk insert options .
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February 23, 2022 — Tally Pack for Coda


🧩 Send form responses to Coda

Use this pack to send form responses to Coda and leverage all the power from Coda tables, including creating unique views, groupings, and charts from your form submissions.
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February 17, 2022 — Rename forms & questions


✏️  Change form names and question titles

When you create a form, the form and question titles are automatically displayed in your form dashboard and results. Nothing changes there, but we've added the possibility to rename your form and questions in your dashboard, without changing the actual form title and questions in your form. This results in a better overview of your results and helps you retrieve forms more easily in your dashboard.
How to edit titles
→ Click the arrow or dots icon to edit the titles.
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February 12, 2022 — reCAPTCHA


🤖 Protect your forms from abuse with reCAPTCHA

Protect your forms from spam and bots with reCAPTCHA.

🇩🇰🇳🇴 Danish and Norwegian language support


January 19, 2022 — Electronic signatures


📝 Collect electronic signatures

You can now add a signature field to your Tally forms to collect signatures for contracts, proposals, payments and more.
Click + or type /signature and enter to insert the signature field

January 12, 2022 — Divider block


🎁 Divider block

You can now insert a divider to break up content in a form and add structure.
  • Click + and select the Divider block
  • Type /divider and enter
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January 7, 2022 — Language update


🇯🇵 Japanese and Russian language support


December 1, 2021 — Popup forms


🍭 Create beautiful popup forms

Collect feedback from your audience, convert visitors into leads and offer promotions with Tally's beautiful popup forms.

October 29, 2021 — Slack integration


💬 Send form submissions to Slack

  • Use our Slack integration to get notified when someone completes your Tally forms, and always stay up-to-speed with the latest form submissions.
  • You can send Tally form responses in real-time to a Slack channel or a direct message, and fully customize your Slack message. Sending form responses to Slack is free, and available to all Tally users.

October 22, 2021 — Facebook Pixel integration


👾 Track your forms with the Facebook Pixel

  • By integrating the Facebook Pixel into your Tally forms, you can track visitor activity on your forms and measure the effectiveness of your ads.
  • This is a Tally Pro feature

October 20, 2021 — Google Analytics integration


📊 Track your forms with Google Analytics

  • This is a Tally Pro feature

🇫🇮🇸🇪 Finnish and Swedish translations


October 13, 2021 — Partial Submissions


🍰 Capture unfinished form responses

What if you could view unfinished submissions of respondents that don't complete your form? Partial Submissions does just that! Gather data from lost leads, find drop off points and improve your form conversion rates. Partial Submissions is available for Tally Pro users.

October 6, 2021 — Notion integration update


🌁 Map Tally file uploads to Notion file properties

When using our Notion integration, file uploads from Tally forms will no longer be displayed as links in your Notion database, but can now be mapped to a Files & media property.
notion image

September 29, 2021 — Embed online content in Tally form


🎥 Embed audio, video, maps and more

You can embed pretty much any online content within Tally forms — from video and audio players to maps, calendars, and online PDFs. Embeds are available for free for all Tally users.
Click + and search for embed to see the available embed options or type:
/video: to embed a video /audio: to embed audio /image: to embed an image /embed: to embed anything else

August 30, 2021 — Undo / Redo


🔙 Undo and redo changes

Made a mistake in your Tally form? You can now undo and redo changes to text, form blocks, and block settings.
  • Undo on Mac: Cmd + Z
  • Redo on Mac: Cmd + Shift + Z
  • Undo on Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Z
  • Redo on Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Y

August 24, 2021 — Account settings


👤 Manage your account settings

You can now manage your account settings and change your name, email and password in your Tally dashboard.

August 23, 2021 — Improved Notion integration


📝 Sync form responses to Notion page content

You can now also sync responses to the page content of your Notion pages. This is useful for answers with longer text and is visible when you open a row in your Notion database as a page.
notion image

August 17, 2021 — Improved Google Sheets Integration


⚙️ Send form responses straight to Google Sheets

With Tally's Google Sheets integration, you can send your Tally form responses straight to Google Sheets.
Every time someone submits your form, a new row is created and the results automatically appear in a spreadsheet.
  • A new spreadsheet is created when you connect a Tally form to Google Sheets
  • You can move or delete columns as you like, and your form results will appear accordingly.
  • When you export responses from an existing form, all existing responses will be added to your spreadsheet at once, and new rows will appear whenever someone submits a form.

August 10, 2021 — Webhooks


🔗 Webhooks

Developers can now use webhooks to send Tally form submissions to a URL or third-party web application.
Go to the integrations tab to connect webhooks
notion image

⚡️ Instant triggers for Zapier

Our Zapier integration has been improved with instant triggers, which means new form data is being pushed instantly to Zapier (instead of every 1 to 15 minutes). → Recreate old zaps (made before 10/08/2020) to use the latest version.

July 22, 2021 — Integromat integration


⚙️ Integromat

Connect Tally to other apps and automate workflows with our Integromat integration.

July 16, 2021 — Czech language support


🇨🇿 Czech translations

You can adjust your form language in the form settings of your published form. Default text and error messages can now also be displayed in Czech.

July 5, 2021 — Emails: self- and respondent notifications


💌 Fully customizable email notifications

We've made improvements to our self email notifications and launched respondent notifications. You can now:
  • All answers are now included in the email by default
  • Change recipients and fully customize the email Pro
  • Send to different recipients based on form responses Pro
  • Send follow up emails to respondents and fully customize recipients, subject, and email body
  • Create dynamic emails by inserting variables

June 25, 2021 — Translations update


🇵🇱 Polish language support

You can adjust your form language in the form settings of your published form. Default text and error messages can now also be displayed in Polish.

🙋🏻‍♀️ New help center

We improved our blog and help center with guides and an easier way to find answers to your Tally questions.

June 7, 2021 — Pre-populate form fields


🦄 Pre-populate form fields

You can pre-fill all input fields with a default text or numerical value (except for payment and file upload blocks).
  1. Click  on the left of your input block
  1. Switch on the toggle next to 'default value'
  1. Just type a custom default answer or choose the value you want to pre-fill from the dropdown menu. You can insert data from input -, hidden - and calculated fields.

June 2, 2021 — Pass data to another form


🔗 Pass form data to another form or web page

Redirect on completion now also allows you to pass submitted form data from one Tally form to another form or web page. You can pass on:
  • Metadata (Response and Respondent ID)
  • Input fields
  • Hidden fields
  • Calculated fields
Go to form settings → Redirect on Completion and simply type '@' to get a dropdown with available data to add to your URL.
notion image

May 25, 2021 — Quality of life update


👀 Show and hide blocks

You can now also show blocks instead of hiding them.
  1. Click :: next to your input field to hide it.
  1. Hidden blocks will be greyed out in the form builder.
  1. Use conditional logic to show the block based on your conditions

⚙️ New answer settings

Click :: on the left next to your input field to find the new answer settings:
  • duplicate blocks
  • hide blocks
notion image

⚙️ Quality of life improvements

Insert a thank you page by typing / or clicking + and search for 'thank you page'
notion image
Forms now automatically jump to the next page after the respondent answers a stand-alone question on a page (without having to click the next button). Only applicable to multiple choice, ratings, linear scale and dropdown questions.
notion image
We've added a direct link from the builder view to the Share, Responses, Settings and Integrations tab of published forms.
notion image

May 13, 2021 — Introducing headings & public Notion integration


📓 Notion integration

Notion has rolled out their API publicly. All Tally users can now sync form responses to Notion databases.

✍🏻 Introducing Headings

Use different sizes of headings to give your form more structure and context. There are three sizes of headings available.
Click '+' or type '/' followed by 'heading' 1, 2 or 3 and enter.
notion image

April 27, 2021 — Selecting form blocks


🧱 Selecting form blocks

You can now select form blocks to:
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Duplicate (copy + paste) in your form and between tab
How it works

April 21, 2021 — Multiple language support


🇰🇷 Tally now supports multiple languages

You can adjust your form language in the form settings of your published form. Default text and error messages can be displayed in:
  • English (default)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Korean

April 13, 2021 — Notion integration (Private Beta)


📓 Sync form responses to Notion

Notion is testing a private beta of their API with a small number of users before they roll it out to the public in Spring 2021. If you have access to the private beta Notion API you can now sync your responses to your Notion database.
Video preview

March 23, 2021 — Airtable integration & duplicating forms


⚙️ Airtable integration

  • Available for free to all Tally users

👯 Duplicating forms

You can now duplicate your forms from your Tally dashboard
notion image

March 1, 2021 — Form builder settings


⚙️ Form builder settings

The new form settings allow you to:
📆 Close your forms on a scheduled date 🔟 Set a response limit 🔗 Redirect on completion 💌 Get email notifications for new responses
You can find your form settings in the 'Settings' tab of your published form.

February 22, 2021 — Custom domains


🌎 Connect custom (sub)domains

Make your Tally forms recognizable and easier to share, by mapping any (sub)domain you own directly to your Tally forms. Available to Tally Pro users.
notion image

February 4, 2021 — Calculator & Hidden fields update



  • Add magic to your Tally forms by using your respondent’s answers to calculate (and optionally display) scores, prices or other values.
  • Use calculated fields to calculate prices, create checkout pages, update shipping costs or apply discounts.

👀 Hidden Fields update

New design of the hidden fields block
notion image

January 20, 2021 — Conditional logic & team collaboration update


🪄 Conditional logic

  • Jump to pages, hide blocks and make fields required based on your respondent's input

👯‍♂️ Team collaboration update

  • Improved invite system for team collaboration

December 2, 2020 — Full page embed & export to CSV


🛠 Full page embed

  • Embed a full page form in your website

⬇️ Export results to CSV

  • Download your form responses as a CSV file
  • Head to the responses tab of your published form to export to CSV

November 22, 2020 — Embedding forms & accessibility update


🛠 Embed forms in your website

  • Embed forms by copying the embed link or embed code
  • Customize your form before embedding by adjusting the embed options
Head to the Share tab of your published form to find the embed options

🔎 Accessibility update

  • Making Tally easy to use for all users

November 18, 2020 — Form templates


Form template gallery

Find the template gallery in the sidebar of your dashboard or when you start creating a new form

November 9, 2020 — Zapier integration (beta)


🔗 Zapier integration in private beta

  • Tally users can now test our Zapier integration
Head over to the Integrations tab of your forms and try it out by accepting the invitation link. Let us know if you find any issues!
notion image

October 29, 2020 — Answer piping


🎩 Answer piping

Just type @ to mention answers or hidden fields and personalize your forms

October 21, 2020 — Expand responses


🔎 Expand responses

Get an overview of all answers from a respondent

October 19, 2020 — New dashboard design


💅🏻 New dashboard design

Hope you like it!
notion image

October 10, 2020 — Introducing Tally Pro


⚡️Spice things up with Tally Pro

  • Team collaboration
  • Workspaces
  • Unlimited file uploads
  • Remove Tally branding
  • Skip 5% payment commission

September 25, 2020 — New customization options


🖋Customizing submit button

Edit the submit button text by clicking the settings icon next to it

🐶 Repositioning of cover image

Hover over your cover image and drag it in the right position
notion image

September 22, 2020 — Question + answer combinations


👯‍♂️ Question answer combinations

  • You can now easily insert question + answer combinations into your Tally form
Tap 'questions' to see all combinations and insert with one click

September 18, 2020 — First integration with Google Sheets


🔗 Integration with Google Sheets

  • You can now export your form responses to Google Sheets
Open any form in your dashboard, go to the Integrations tab and click connect
notion image

📓 Notion integration

Notion has rolled out their API publicly. All Tally users can now sync form responses to Notion databases.