Use our Slack integration to get notified when someone completes your Tally forms, and always stay up-to-speed with the latest form submissions.
You can send Tally form submissions in real-time to a Slack channel or a direct message, and fully customize your Slack message.
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The Slack integration is available for free to all Tally users.


1. Connect to Slack

You can find the Slack integration in the Integrations tab of your published form.
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Click Connect to set up the integration, you’ll be asked to log in to Slack and allow Tally to access to your account.
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2. Choose a channel

You can send Tally form submissions to a public channel, private channel or a direct message.
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Public channel

Open the dropdown menu to browse your Slack channels.

Private channel

  • Open your private channel in the Slack app.
  • Click the channel name in the conversation header.
  • Select the Integrations tab.
  • Add an app and search for ‘Tally Forms’.
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  • In Tally, click the refresh button on the right of the channels dropdown to see the private channel.

Direct message

  • Open or create a group DM in Slack.
  • Click the cluster of profile pictures in the top right corner.
  • Click Add people to this group DM.
  • Type "Tally", and select the app from the list.
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  • Click Go to create a new DM.
  • In Tally, click the refresh button on the right of the channels dropdown to see the DM.

3. Customize your message

All Tally form submissions are inserted in your Slack message, by default. You can add or remove text and type @ to insert form data.
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Text formatting

Slack allows mrkdwn formatting options to structure your text or create useful visual highlights.
will produce bold text
will produce italicized text
will produce strikethrough text
will produce highlighted code
> quote
will produce text as a block quote

4. The result

The default Slack message will look like the example below. Click Open in Tally to open your form in your Tally dashboard.
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