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Paywalls getting in the way? Here at Tally, we provide unlimited forms, submissions, and everything you need to create professional forms — all free of charge as long as you stay within our fair usage guidelines.

Unlimited forms
Unlimited submissions
Collect payments
File upload
Custom `Thank You` page
Email notifications
Redirect on completion
Form logic
Hidden fields
Answer piping
Schedule a close date
Close on submission limit
Custom closed message
Notion integration
Airtable integration
Zapier integration
Make integration
Google Sheets integration
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Tally Pro

Spice things up with Pro

Tally Pro offers empowering features tailored to the advanced needs of teams and creators.
Upgrade for $29/month or $290/year.

No Tally branding. Remove all Tally branding and have your forms seamlessly represent your brand.
Collaboration. Invite team members to collaborate on forms in shared workspaces and share form results.
Workspaces. Group related forms in workspaces and manage team members' access rights.
Custom domains. Host forms on your own (sub)domain to create branded form URLs and get access to code injection.
Custom CSS. Inject custom CSS to fully customize the design of your forms.
Email notifications. Send tailored emails to yourself and respondents.
Partial submissions. Capture unfinished form submissions.
No commission. Remove 5% Tally commission on your incoming payments and only pay the Stripe transaction fee.
Unlimited uploads. Remove the 10 MB per file size limit when using the File Upload block.
“Absolutely adore Tally! A game-changer - incredibly powerful, yet ridiculously user-friendly. It enabled me to effortlessly gather inputs, add forms with ease, and even pre-fill them. And the icing on the cake - absolutely free to use!”
Shyam Verma
Shyam Verma
Digital creator

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Questions & answers

Is Tally really free?
Tally was born out of frustration with expensive form builders and paywalls. That’s why we offer Tally for free, as long as you stay within our fair use guidelines. This allows you to collect unlimited answers without the fear of your account being closed. In return, every Tally form includes a ’Made with Tally’ badge, helping us grow our community. We understand that some users and teams require advanced features to enhance their forms. Enter Tally Pro. With a fixed price, you can remove our branding, collaborate with team members, fully customize forms, and more.
Is Tally GDPR compliant?
Tally is based in Belgium (EU) and complies with the GDPR framework. We’ve bundled all frequently asked questions about GDPR & Tally here.
How does Tally compare to Typeform?
  1. Unlike Typeform, Tally offers everything you need to create beautiful and powerful forms for free, including unlimited forms and responses.
  2. Tally offers an intuitive interface that works like a text document. Just start typing and create and customize any type of form without being restricted to the Typeform format of a single question per page.
  3. Our growth is fueled by our customers, not by investors, which means our users always come first. We have a public roadmap and you can contact us here. We’ll reply within the day.
  4. A complete feature comparison
Who is behind Tally?
Tally is a proudly bootstrapped company, founded by Filip Minev 🇧🇬 and Marie Martens 🇧🇪. More about us.
How can I join the Tally community?
Tally is been proudly independent and bootstrapped because of the unwavering support of our passionate user base worldwide. Fostering our community is our topmost priority, so if you’re interested in ways to get involved (organize meetups, create templates, become an affiliate partner) you’ve come to the right place!