Conditional logic

Conditional logic allows you to customize your respondent's form experience by building smart logic paths. Based on your respondent's input, you can:
✔️ Jump to a page including redirecting to your Thank You pages
✔️ Show or hide blocks
✔️ Make answers required
✔️ Calculate values
Conditional logic is available for free to all Tally users

How to create logic

Type /logic to add conditional logic to your form. You can create conditions on any type of input block. Click : to remove, duplicate, add new or wrap conditions in a group.
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cmd/ctrl + shift + L


Based on your conditions you can trigger 4 types of actions.

Jump to page

Jump to page enables you to skip pages with questions that don't concern your respondents or to redirect them to a different Thank you page.
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It’s important to place the conditional logic block on the page where the jump action is being triggered.

Rename pages

Renaming your pages makes it easier to identify your pages when installing page jumps in a lengthy form with a lot of pages. You can rename a page by clicking the page number.
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Show or hide blocks

Show or hide one or multiple questions or answer options depending on your respondents’ answers. In the example below an extra field will only show when the respondent answers ‘Other’.
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Click :: to open the block settings and click Hide block.
ctrl/cmd + shift + H
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To hide multiple blocks at once, simply drag to select and open the block settings to hide all the selected blocks.
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Insert Conditional logic and choose the action Show or Hide blocks. Click the question title to select or de-select grouped blocks at once.
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You can also hide answer options from multiple choice questions, checkboxes and dropdowns.

Make answers required

This option allows you to set a form field as required or not required depending on the respondent's input. For example: if a respondent wants to sign up for your newsletter, then make the email input field required.
ctrl/cmd + shift + R
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Calculate a value

With Tally's Calculator, you can use your respondent’s answers to calculate (and display) scores, prices or other values.
Calculations on date blocks are not available yet
Calculations on date blocks are not available yet


When dealing with long forms, conditional logic can become more intricate and prone to logical errors. With an extensive set of fields, conditions, and actions, it's crucial to be cautious as even small mistakes can sneak in. To effectively troubleshoot your form, you can follow these general steps:
  1. Review the conditional logic blocks: Start by carefully examining the conditional logic rules you've set up for your form. Check if the conditions are linked to the correct fields and actions. Ensure that you have configured the logic correctly based on your specific requirements.
  1. Use @ mentions to identify the specific issue: By strategically placing @ mentions before or after the conditional logic block, you create a mechanism to track the values of relevant inputs and calculated fields at specific points in the form's execution.
  1. Simplify to narrow down the problem: By reducing the complexity of the logic, you can isolate specific conditions or actions that may be causing the issue and focus your efforts on debugging those areas.