Answer piping

In multi-question forms, it can be convenient to mention a respondent's answer to an earlier question. With answer piping you can recall answers from previous questions and insert them in your Tally form.
Answer piping is available for free to all Tally users

Try typing your name in the form below👇 


How do I mention answers?

The most common use case of answer piping is to mention a respondent's name to address that person personally in the form.
To do this, firstly you need to ask the respondent's name. Then type @ and a menu with the possible mentions will appear
notion image
Choose an input field from the dropdown menu or just type the name of the field you would like to mention.
notion image
If your name question is not required and the respondent does not enter his or her name, you can add a default value by clicking on the mentioned value.
notion image
Preview your form and fill out your name to see the result. 

Which blocks can I mention?

  • Input fields (answers to questions)

Where can I mention answers?

  • Text
  • Titles
  • Questions
  • Labels
  • Thank you pages