Create Thank You pages

A Thank You Page is the page respondents see after submitting a form. All Tally forms end with a Thank You screen, which you can customize for free. You can add one or multiple Thank You Pages depending on the logic paths in your form.

Create a Thank You page

Insert a Thank You page by typing /thank and search for or switch on the Thank You Page toggle on top of your last page.
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Write the text that should be shown on your Thank you page. You can add any type of content (for example images and links), format the text to your liking, and personalize your message using .
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Upgrade to  to remove the Tally badge on your Thank You Page.
If you don't add a Thank You Page, a default Thank You Page will be shown at the end of your form.
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How to create multiple Thank You Pages

Use conditional logic to show respondents different Thank You Pages based on their answers.
For example: You created a quiz and you want to show a different message at the end of the form based on the score of your respondents.
  • Create a quiz and use our calculator to calculate scores, or use this template.
  • Insert two (or more) Thank You Pages with different messages.
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  • Insert conditional logic: when the score is higher than 15 → jump to one Thank You Page, when the score is lower than 15 → jump to another Thank You Page.
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