How many forms can I make for free?

You can create unlimited forms with Tally and collect unlimited responses for free.

Form builder

Can respondents stop and resume answering at a later point?

When a respondent resumes answering a Tally form in the same browser, the previous answers will be saved, and the respondent can continue with completing the form. Saving answers for later is a form setting available in SettingsBehaviorSave answers for later.

Do you support radio buttons?

Our Multiple-choice option only allows 1 response by default and offers the same user experience as a radio button.

Can I embed a form in an email?

You can not embed Tally forms in emails (yet), but you can .

Do hidden fields also work when I embed my form?

Yes, they do! In order for the URL parameters to work with an embedded form, you  need to add them to the embed link (or code), for example:

Can I add UTM parameters to my form?

Yes! You can create UTM parameters with our Hidden fields.

How do I set character limits for an answer?

Open the block settings :: of your input block to set a minimum or maximum number of characters.

Is Tally GDPR compliant?

Tally is based in Belgium (EU) and complies with the GDPR framework. We've bundled all frequently asked questions about GDPR & Tally and how to create a GDPR compliant form.

Are my forms indexed by search engines?

By default, Tally forms are not indexed by search engines. Only forms hosted on a custom domain are indexed. To disable indexing, inject the code snippet below.
Code snippet
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Can I change the timezone in which my form submissions are displayed?

The form submissions in your Tally dashboard are always shown in your current timezone. When you export form submissions with an integration, they are shown in UTC.


Can I change the OG image of my form?

You can do this by either adding a cover image (free) or using a custom domain (Pro).

Can I use an image as my form background?

Yes, you can do this by injecting custom CSS (a Tally Pro feature)

Can I use custom fonts in my Tally form?

We offer the Google Font library in our free tier. Custom fonts can be added through code injection into forms with a custom domain. This is a Tally Pro feature and requires some coding skills.

What are the ideal image dimensions?

  • The cover image changes aspect ratio as you change your window width. We recommend cover images at least 1500 pixels wide, but the shape will change with your window.
  • Logo: a square image of 200 x 200 pixels
  • Images within the survey are shown full width from 700 pixels wide. We recommend a width of 1400 pixels for better resolution.

Data collection

Can I collect passwords with Tally?

Tally respects the privacy of respondents and has strict guidelines for data collection. As per our terms and conditions, users are prohibited from collecting confidential information like passwords, credit card details, bank account numbers, Social Security Numbers, or any similar types of private information through Tally forms. Non-compliance with these terms may lead to the removal of forms, deletion of collected data, or suspension of your Tally account. We recommend you only collect necessary data, ensuring all data collection aligns with relevant privacy laws.

Integrations & tracking

What is the respondent and submission ID?

We automatically generate a Respondent ID and a Submission ID upon form submission. You can either export these using one of our integrations, or mention them on your Thank You page.
  • Respondent ID Unique identifier of the form respondent. This unique identifier is persistent between all forms from within the same workspace. You can use it to identify people who answer a form multiple times or have answered different forms.
  • Submission ID Unique identifier of the current form submission, it's different for each submission.

My integration isn’t working, what can I do?

If your submissions are not being synced correctly, you can view the sync submission logs and their status by clicking 🕓 next to your integration connection.
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How do I track conversions with Tally?

There's several ways to track your form conversions:
  • Redirect on completion: redirect your respondent after completing a form to another page where you have implemented the pixel.

Account settings

How do I change my password?

All account settings can be managed in the left sidebar of your Tally dashboard.

Where can I find my billing data?

Click Settings in the side panel on your Tally dashboard to manage your account and billing data.

Tally Pro

How many custom domains can I connect?

You can connect an unlimited number of domains to your  account

How many users can I invite to my organization?

There's no limit on the number of users you can invite to your organization with Tally Pro.