Column layout

Columns are making Tally forms even more flexible and allow you to display content next to each other by using a simple drag and drop.
Creating columns with Tally is free.
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Create a column

  1. Click  ⋮⋮ and drag the blocks you want to move to another column.
  1. Follow the pink lines and place the blocks where you want. You just created a column!
  1. You can create as many columns as you want across the width of the page.
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Columns are not available on mobile. When the screen size is too small, questions will be shown in a single column.

Resize columns

You can resize columns by hovering over the edges they share with other blocks and drag the grey lines that appear.
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Remove columns

To remove a column, you need to delete all form blocks in the column. Click  ⋮⋮ and delete to remove a block. Alternatively select multiple blocks and hit backspace.
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Get inspired

Browse through our template gallery or discover creative ways of using columns below.

Drag images in columns

Create columns with images and form blocks. This form was customized using custom CSS.
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Multiple-choice options in columns

Simply drag your multiple-choice options into columns. To create a more visual layout, you can add images using the block settings.
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A simple contact form with columns

Create a clean and effective column layout for your contact forms.
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