Create a form

When you create your first Tally form, you’ll notice that a form is a combination of building blocks. When you start typing you’re automatically creating a text block, but there are many more blocks to discover!
Type / or click + to see the different types of form blocks you can add to your form.
Type / or click + to see the different types of form blocks you can add to your form.


Just start typing

Give your form a title and hit enter . You can choose a pre-made template from our gallery, but let’s start from scratch to keep it simple.
To create a form or a survey you’ll want to insert questions and answers. You can choose from a list of pre-made questions + answer combinations. Just type /question to see the available options.
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Alternatively, questions can be also made by inserting a /h3 or /label, and answers can be chosen separately from the list of input blocks. Just type /email for example.
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Select, move and duplicate blocks

Select one or multiple form blocks and drag them to another position in your form. To delete blocks, hit backspace, to duplicate them use copy cmd + c and paste cmd + v .
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Make questions required or optional

Questions are required by default and marked with a *. Click * to make the question optional or not required.

Choose block options

Click :: on the left of an input block to open block options. Depending on the input block, there are different options available:
  • Make the block required (click * to make an input block optional)
  • Duplicate the block
  • Set a character limit: minimum or maximum number of characters or choices
  • Add images to multiple choice questions
  • Add conditional logic and hide or show blocks

Insert pages

To create a multiple-page form, insert pages by typing /page. You can rename a page by clicking the page number.
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Add a Thank You page

A Thank You page is the message your respondents see after they submitted the form. Use the toggle on top of your last page to create a custom Thank You page.
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If you don't add a Thank You page, a default one will be shown at the end of your form.

Preview and publish

Click Preview to test your form and Publish it to get the sharing link.