How to embed a Tally form into Webflow

There are several ways you can embed a Tally form into Webflow:
  1. A link that links out from your Webflow site
  1. A form embedded in your Webflow site
  1. A popup form

1. Link to Tally

  • Start by creating and publishing a Tally form.
  • Head over to the Share tab and copy your form URL.
notion image
  • Insert a button into your Webflow site and simply add your form link to the button.
  • When you click the button, your visitors will be directed to your Tally form.

2. A form embed

  • Go to your Tally form, open the Share tab and click Full page or Standard depending on how you want your form to appear.
notion image
  • Adjust the embed settings, then click Get the code and copy the embed code.
notion image
  • Go back into Webflow and drag an Embed element into your existing design or create a new blank page for a full page embed.
  • Simply paste the code snippet into the HTML Embed Code Editor that pops up. Click Save & close.
  • From the top right click Publish → Publish to Selected Domains and check out the published result.

3. A popup form

Take a look at this tutorial, made by Tally user Tamilore Lawal.