How to create a free quiz with Tally

Quizzes are a great way to generate leads, educate students, or just to have fun! With Tally, you can build and personalize your own quiz in minutes, calculate scores without any technical skills, and automatically send quiz results to your respondents.
✔️ Personalize with logic ✔️ Make smart calculations ✔️ Automate follow-up


How to create a quiz

Follow these steps to create your own quiz or test with  Tally.

1. Create a new form

Get started with this pre-made template, or by creating a new Tally form and inserting your questions. You can insert any type of question by typing / or clicking +.
  • Use the embed block to embed any online content such as audio or video
  • Insert a file upload block when respondents have to submit a file
  • Add images to the multiple-choice block to create a question with pictures
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2. Calculate the score

  • Type / and insert a calculated field to calculate the score of the quiz. Name the field (for example "Score")
  • Type / and insert conditional logic to add scores to your questions.
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  • Assign scores to the questions, by using the Calculate function. In this example, we will add 10 points to the score when the respondent chooses the right answer ("Sofia").
  • Repeat this step for every question in your form.
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3. Show the results

  • Add a page at the end of your form and switch on the  toggle. A Thank you page is the page your respondents see after clicking the 'Submit' button.
  • Add the text you would like respondents to see when completing the quiz
  • Type @ to mention your calculated field value in your form, and choose your calculated field from the dropdown menu
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  • Add another page if you want to choose different Thank you pages based on the score of your respondent and switch on the 'Thank you' page toggle.
  • Insert conditional logic on the last page before your 'Thank you' pages (before the 'Submit' button). This is necessary because the logic gets activated when the respondent clicks the 'Submit' button.
In this example, we are showing the respondent the first 'Thank you' page when the score is higher than 15 and the second 'Thank you' page when the score is lower than 15.
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4. Embed the quiz on your website

You can share your Tally form as a standalone page or embed it on your own website. You will find the embed options in the Share tab of your published form.

5. Email results to respondents

Tally Pro allows you to fully customize self- and respondent email notifications. By inserting variables in your email you can customize the content of your email based on form responses.
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