Create a multi-page form

With Tally, you can create a single-page form or a multi-page form (with one-question-per-page or multiple per page).


How it works

  1. Click the page shortcut in the header menu or simply type /page.
  1. Insert as many pages as questions and add one question to each page.
  1. If necessary, customize the button text by clicking the settings wheel on the left.
  1. Turn your last page into a Thank you page by switching the toggle, or simply type /thank to insert one. This will be the last page respondents see after submitting the form.
  1. Preview your form and publish.
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Auto-jump to next page

When your page only contains one question, you can auto-jump to the next page without clicking the ‘next’ button. Auto-jump is only available for multiple choice, dropdown, rating or linear scale questions.
Auto-jumping to the next page is disabled by default. You can enable it in SettingsBehaviorAuto-jump to next page.
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