Embed online content

You can embed pretty much any online content within Tally forms — from video and audio players to maps, calendars, and PDFs.
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Embeds are available for free for all Tally users.


How to insert an embed

Click + and search for embed to see the available embed options or type:
/video: to embed a video /audio: to embed audio /image: to embed an image /embed: to embed anything else
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Paste the content's URL or the embed link in the block that appears.
If your embed is not working make sure to copy the URL from your browser bar or go to the embed options and copy the URL part mentioned in the embed code.
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How to resize an embed

Drag the modal to adjust the width and height of your embedded content.
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Embed video

Embed any online hosted video in your Tally form. You can embed videos from video players like Vimeo and Youtube, Loom recordings, or even publicly accessible MP4 files (hosted online, with a shareable link).
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Embed audio

Embed audio in your Tally form from Spotify, Soundcloud, or other audio platforms. You can also add publicly accessible MP3 files (hosted online, with a shareable link).
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Embed any online content

Besides audio, video, and images you can embed almost any online content within your Tally form Google Maps, Calendly date pickers, Tweets, Code snippets, or online hosted PDF files.
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Embed examples

  • Maps (Google Maps)
  • Calendars (Calendly)
  • Code (Github Gist, CodePen, JSFiddle)
  • GIFs (Giphy)
  • Tweets
  • Figma (publicly shared files)
  • PDFs (online hosted files)

Embed PDF files

To embed a PDF file into a Tally form, you need a link (URL) to the file. To get this link you need to host the file online, and free option to do so is to host the PDF on your own website or on Google Drive.
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Embed a PDF hosted on Google Drive

  1. Upload the PDF file to Google Drive
  1. Right click on the document and select Share option
  1. On Sharing Setting window, click Change
  1. Select Anyone with the link
  1. Copy the sharing link
  1. Go to Tally and insert an embed block by typing /Embed → Embed anything
  1. Paste the Google drive link and replace the last past of the url by /preview