Electronic signatures

With Tally you can easily add a signature block to your form and capture simple electronic signatures for contracts, offers, payments, and more. Use this feature to skip the paperwork and securely capture electronic signatures with your form. Tally forms and the signature field are mobile-friendly and accessible on any device.
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Please check the local requirements for valid eSignatures in your country, or seek legal advice if you’re unsure about how to collect signatures.
Electronic signatures are available for free to all Tally users.

Add a signature field to your form

  • Create a new form or choose the form you'd like to use.
  • Type /signature and insert the block
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  • Insert the signature block.
  • Adjust the signature label if needed.You can do this by clicking  next to the signature block.
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  • You can do this by clicking :: next to the signature block.
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  • Publish your form, and you're ready to collect signatures!

View signatures

Signatures are saved securely as image files in your Tally dashboard. Go to the Summary or Submissions tab for an overview of the signature files. Click on the signatures files to open them.
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For privacy reasons, signatures are not saved as partial submissions.


The signature field works with all Tally integrations (such as Notion, Airtable, and more) and can be synced to any other tool using  Zapier,  Make or webhooks.