Looking for a quick way to validate demand and sell products online? With Tally, you can build payment forms in minutes, and collect payments without a single line of code.
✔️ Easy set up, within minutes
✔️ Automate pricing calculation
✔️ Not a single line of code needed
The Payment block is available for all Tally users, with a 5% commission (+ Stripe transaction fee). To skip the 5% Tally commission, upgrade to Tally Pro.

Payment fees

Tally users can create payment forms on our free plan. Tally charges 5% commission per payment plus the Stripe transaction fee. A Tally Pro account allows you to skip the 5% Tally commission fee.
Free users
5% + Stripe transaction fee
Tally Pro users
0% + Stripe transaction fee

Creating a payment form

  1. Type /payment to insert the payment block.
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2. Insert the price (or choose a calculated price, or any other variable from the dropdown menu) and currency of your product. If you don't find the currency you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.
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3. Connect with Stripe. If you are new to Stripe you need to create a (free) Stripe account in order to connect your payment form.
4. In your published form your respondents will get to see this view where they can securely pay for your product or service.
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5. Payments are processed if your respondent clicks the 'pay' button in the payment block.
The payment will be saved as well if your respondent doesn't complete the form, but in order not to lose the other form data, we recommend placing your payment as the last question in your form and editing the copy of the submit button to “Complete payment”, so that respondents don't forget to submit the form.
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View payments

The payment data can be retrieved in the Summary and the Submissions tab of your form. Credit card details are not stored by Tally.
Go to the Summary tab and click the ↗️ icon to open payments in Stripe.
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Test payments

It is not possible yet to use Stripe’s test cards to test the payment form, this feature is on our .

Calculate the price

With Tally's calculated fields you can calculate a price and update your payment form in real time based on your respondents answers. Think of:
  • Automatically calculating and updating the price in your payment form
  • Creating a shopping basket on a checkout page
  • Calculating shipping costs
→ Read more about how to create calculated fields

Templates and tutorials

Take a look at our guides and template gallery for pre-made payment form templates.