How to create a checkout form

With Tally’s payment forms and calculator you can easily build a checkout form and create shopping baskets, apply discounts, update shipping costs and more.
The payment form is automatically updated with the correct price at checkout, based on your respondent’s answers.


How it works

This form template is an example of a simple checkout flow and uses calculated fields to calculate the price of Instagram preset packages.
For an advanced checkout flow with a multi-product order, take a look at this template.

Insert calculated fields

To start, insert a calculated field and name it (for example ‘Price'). Then add an initial value as a starting point of your calculation (in this case '0').
notion image

Insert conditional logic

To continue, insert 2 conditional logic blocks to create your price calculation:
  • When your respondent chooses Preset pack 1then add €20 to your calculated price field.
  • When your respondent chooses Preset pack 2then add €25 to your calculated price field.
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Mention the price

If you want to mention the your calculated price field as a subtotal, just type '@' and choose your calculated field from the dropdown.

Apply a discount

To apply a discount code of 20% for example, decide on a discount code (PRESET20), add an additional logic block and multiply your calculated price field with 0.8 when your respondent enters the correct discount code.
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Insert a payment form

To finish, insert a payment form and choose the calculated field ‘Price’ from the dropdown menu. Connect to your Stripe account and you’re ready to sell!
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