The dropdown question provides a list of options for the respondent to choose one option from, presented in a drop-down menu. It’s often used to provide a structured response format and make it easier for respondents to find an answer from a longer list of options. Examples of commonly used dropdown questions include questions about age range, occupation, and country of residence.
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How it works

Type /dropdown to insert a dropdown question. Add your question title and simply type the answer options.
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By default respondents can choose one option from the dropdown list. They can also search through the options by typing in the dropdown box.
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Dropdown settings

Bulk insert options

If you have a long list of answer options, you can also bulk insert them by opening the block options → Bulk insert answer options

Randomize options

Answer randomization helps avoid biased data by displaying answer options in a random order.

Add placeholder text

By using the Placeholder options you can use placeholder text instead of a question title.
Dropdown with placeholder text
Dropdown with placeholder text
Dropdown with a question title (H3)
Dropdown with a question title (H3)

Add a default answer

an answer in your dropdown question by using the default answer. Open the block settings by clicking and enable the Default answer option.

Multiple selection

Turn your dropdown question into a Multi-select question and add a minimum or maximum number of answer options.

Customize the dropdown

Use our free customization options or custom CSS to customize your form and the dropdown question.
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How to create a dynamic dropdown

Are you looking for a way to dynamically update the answer options in your dropdown questions from an external source? In this tutorial we use a combination of Tally and this custom made Make module to make it happen.