Randomize answer options

Respondents can often be inclined to select the first presented answer option when filling out a survey. However, by enabling answer randomization, you can help avoid biased data by displaying the answer options in a randomized order for each respondent. It takes just a moment to set up this feature and start collecting higher-quality data right away.
Answer randomization is available for these question types:
  • Checkbox
Answer randomization is available for free.
Answer randomization is available for free.

Enable answer randomization

To enable randomized answers, go to the block settings of your question and turn on the Randomize options toggle.
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The live version of your form will now display answer options in a random order to your respondents.

Lock options in place

If you add answer options, such as “Not applicable,” “None of the above,” “Don’t know”, or others, you might want to lock these in place to avoid response bias. You can fix these answer options in place while randomizing the rest.
First, make sure the Randomize options toggle is turned on. Then, click on Lock options in place and select which answer options you want to lock in place.
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Now, all answer options, except the ones you locked in place, will be randomized to your respondents.