Customize your form

Customize your Tally form to make it seamlessly fit your style or brand. With Tally you can change form colors, fonts, format text, add your logo and more. Discover how to uplift the design of your form below.
Customization options are now out in beta. Check out our roadmap to see what else we have lined up and don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us.
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Customize your form Customization is available for free and doesn’t require any coding skills. Read on below ↓
Inject custom styles Pro Fully control the design of your form with custom CSS. Learn more →

Change colors (beta)

Apply a theme

Click the design icon 💧  in the header menu to open the customization options. You can choose between the light and dark theme, or create your own custom one.
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Create your own custom theme

Click Custom to create your own theme. To change colors, click the color icons and pick a color from the palette or type a Hex color. You can change the color of the background, text, button, accents (links, selected options and focussed inputs) and the font.
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Want to save your theme? Create a form template to reuse or apply the theme to another form. Themes can not be saved yet.
Looking for design inspiration? Check out Happy Hues, UI Colors or Cloudflare design for collections of color themes.

Change fonts

You can choose any font from the Google Fonts library (900+ fonts) to use in your Tally forms.
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You can upload your own custom font by using code injection.

Inject custom CSS

Injecting custom CSS codes allows you to fully control the design of your form, beyond the default design options. Think of changing the color of input fields or adding a background image.
Click + to open the CSS box and paste your code snippets.
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The design changes will be automatically displayed in the form builder. In case this doesn’t happen, click Preview .
Custom CSS is a Tally Pro feature. Click here for an overview of all CSS classes →

Format text

Select text to open the formatting options. You can change the text color, highlight text, make text bold, italic, underline or add links. You can find our formatting shortcuts here.
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Click Apply to save changes and click X to reset and remove the color you have chosen.
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Aligning text and changing fonts is coming soon. Tally Pro users can fully customize forms by injecting custom styles.

Add a logo

Click Logo in the header menu to upload your logo. You can upload an image or link to an image URL.
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Recommended size: 200x200 pixels

Add a cover image

Add a Cover and click Change cover to upload your image, link to an image URL, select a default color or choose from the Unsplash library.
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Recommended size: minimum 1500 pixels wide

Use headings

Use different sizes of headings to give your form more structure and context. There are three sizes of headings available. Type /h1 /h2 or /h3.
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Insert dividers

Type /divider to break up content in your form.
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Edit buttons

Click Design to edit the button colors, and click ⚙️ on the left of the the button to edit the button copy.
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Create columns

Display content next to each other by using columns. Click  ⋮⋮ and drag and drop form blocks next to each other to create columns.
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Insert images

Use images by simply typing /image. You can upload your own image, link to an image URL or choose from the Unsplash library.
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Did you know you can also add images to your multiple-choice options? Click  ⋮⋮ to open the block settings to insert images.
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Inject custom styles Pro Control the design of your form with code injection. Currently only available for forms connected a custom domain.