Keyboard shortcuts

Tally forms work like a text document — you can simply start typing and insert blocks without touching your mouse. And with shortcuts, you can build forms with Tally even faster and easier.
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Slash commands

Typing / in Tally will open a menu of the form blocks you can insert into your form. You can expand this shortcut by adding a specific search term — for example, type /email to insert an email input block.
See all slash commands below.

Input blocks

  • /short inserts a short answer
  • /long inserts a long answer
  • /multiple inserts a multiple choice
  • /check inserts a checkbox
  • /drop inserts a dropdown
  • /multi-select inserts a multi-select
  • /number inserts a number block
  • /email inserts an email block
  • /phone inserts a phone number block
  • /link inserts a URL block
  • /date inserts a date picker
  • /time inserts a time picker
  • /file inserts a file upload block
  • /payment inserts a payment block
  • /rating inserts a rating block
  • /ranking inserts a ranking block
  • /linear inserts a linear scale
  • /signature inserts a signature block
  • /matrix inserts a matrix block

Layout blocks

  • /h1 inserts a large heading
  • /h2 inserts a medium-sized heading
  • /h3 inserts a small heading
  • /label inserts a label
  • /text inserts a text block
  • /div inserts a divider
  • /page inserts a new page
  • /thank inserts a ‘Thank you’ page

Embed blocks

  • /image lets you insert an image
  • /video lets you embed a video from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • /audio lets you upload an audio file
  • /embed shows an overview of the available embed options

Advanced blocks

  • /logic inserts a conditional logic block
  • /calc inserts a calculated field
  • /hidden inserts a hidden field
  • /captcha inserts a reCAPTCHA block


  • /question opens a list with pre-made combinations of questions and input blocks
  • /q followed by any input block will insert question + input combinations. For example, /q email will add a question with email input.

Create & style your content

  • Press enter to insert a line of text
  • Press shift + enter to create a line break within a block of text
  • Select text and press cmd/ctrl + B to bold text.
  • Select text and press cmd/ctrl + I to italicize text
  • Select text and press cmd/ctrl + U to underline text
  • Select text and press cmd/ctrl + K to add a link. You can also paste a URL over selected text and turn it into a link using cmd/ctrl + V

Edit & move blocks

  • Press esc to select the block you're currently in
  • Press enter to edit any text inside a selected block
  • Press up/down arrow keys to select a different block
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + shift + up/down arrow keys to move selected blocks around
  • Press backspace or delete to delete selected blocks
  • Press cmd/ctrl + C to copy selected blocks
  • Press cmd/ctrl + V to paste selected blocks
  • Press cmd/ctrl + D to duplicate the current block or selected blocks
  • Press cmd/ctrl + Z  to undo the latest changes
  • Press cmd + shiftZ  to redo changes on Mac
  • Press ctrl + Y to redo changes on Windows

Block options

  • Press cmd/ctrl + shift + R to toggle an input’s required option
  • Press cmd/ctrl + shift + H to toggle a block’s or selected blocks’ hidden option
  • Press cmd/ctrl + shift + L to insert conditional logic below the current block

Markdown style

At the beginning of a new line or block, try these:
  • Type # followed by space to create an H1 heading
  • Type ## followed by space to create an H2 sub-heading
  • Type ### followed by space to create an H3 sub-heading
  • Type [] to create a checkbox
  • Type [a] to create a multiple-choice
  • Type [v] to create a dropdown
  • Type --- to create a divider

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Command menu

  • Type cmd/ctrl + K to enable the command menu and quick search in your Tally dashboard or when building forms