Phone number

The phone number block is designed to help you collect phone numbers in a formatted and neat-looking way. Whether you’re collecting contact details or building a job application form, this block is a powerful way to ensure that every phone number you collect is clean, readable and valid.
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Add a Phone Number block

Simply type /phone to insert the Phone Number block.
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To avoid untitled fields in your form results, add a question (heading 3), label, or placeholder text. Simply type to add placeholder text in the Phone Number block.
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When the input block is focussed, an input mask and a country select will appear. The input mask makes sure the respondent enters the phone number in the correct format. Enter the Preview mode to try this out.
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The input mask detects the phone number type (mobile or fixed line) and will adjust accordingly.
The respondent can either type or select a country code from the dropdown menu.
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Phone Number Settings

Default country code

Choose a default country code that will be prefilled to save your respondents time.
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International format

Phone number blocks created before 19/11/2022 did not have international formatting and won’t be affected by this update. You can however switch to the new format by turning on the toggle.
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Newly created phone number blocks will use the international format by default. You can disable it by switching off the toggle.
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If you want to update an old phone number input, do not delete it, but instead enable the International format.

Hide block

Hide the Phone Number block and show it using conditional logic.

Make it required

Make the Phone Number block required by using this toggle or use the shortcut  cmd/ctrl+ shift+ R.

Default answer

Pre-fill the phone number for your respondents by entering a value, or choosing one from the dropdown menu.

View phone numbers

The phone numbers will be available in the form Submissions tab in this format: +32485939364
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Can I change the format of the phone number input?
Not yet, but we’d like to support this in the future. You can upvote this feature by submitting a feature request.
What happens when multiple countries have the same country code?
A list of matching countries will appear in the country select for the respondent to choose from.