Integrate Tally with Airtable

Airtable combines the power of a database with the familiarity of a spreadsheet. It's a fast and flexible way to create tables and keep track of anything, from sales leads to vacation planning to inventory management.
With the new integration between Tally and Airtable you can save responses to your Tally form as new records in your Airtable database.
The Airtable integration is available for free to all Tally users. Airtable has paused granting access to their metadata API. While waiting for access, this integration is in Beta and requires a couple of manual steps.

Connect Tally to Airtable

You can find the Airtable integration in the Integrations tab of your published form.
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Click Connect to set up the integration.
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1. Add your Airtable API key

Airtable uses simple token-based authentication. You can find your API key on your Airtable account page.
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2. Add your Airtable base ID

To obtain the ID of your Airtable base, open the Airtable API page and click on the base that you want to use.
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You will find the ID of your base in the introduction section.
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3. Add your table name

It's crucial to type the table name exactly as it appears in your Airtable base, e.g. Tally form. If you change the table name on Airtable, please update it as well in your Tally integration settings, in order for the integration to work as expected.
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4. Map fields

When mapping your tally input fields to Airtable it is crucial to add the Airtable field names exactly as they appear in your table. If you change a field name on Airtable, please update it as well in your Tally integration settings. Click Connect and you're all set!
How to map checkboxes to Airtable
Let's say you created a form that includes a checkbox question (in this example "Choose your sport").
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  1. A Checkbox field in Tally allows for multiple answers and needs to be mapped to a Multiple select in Airtable.
  1. Each Checkbox option (Running, Swimming, Hiking) in Tally can be mapped to a Checkbox in Airtable, which will basically indicate if that particular option was selected or not.
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  1. This is how the result will look like in Airtable.
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You can only map fields which are editable in Airtable. You can view the field permissions by clicking the column name → Edit field permissions.

5. New form submissions are now synced to Airtable

Here's an example of Tally form submissions being synced to an Airtable base.
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Your responses will appear in your Airtable base as shown in the screenshot below.
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