File uploads

Use a File Upload block to let respondents attach files to their answers. File uploads are often used for collecting resumés, feedback screenshots or portfolios.
File uploads are available for free for all Tally users, with a maximum of 10MB per file upload. For unlimited file uploads, upgrade to Tally Pro.


Inserting a file upload block

Type /file to insert a file upload block. Respondents can click to choose a file or drag them in the file upload block.
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File upload settings

Click :: to open the file upload settings. You can:
  • Hide a block (and show it with conditional logic)
  • Make it required or optional
  • Add a minimum or maximum number of files
When you don’t change the file upload settings, the file upload will accept a single file.
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Multiple file uploads

When you add a minimum or maximum number of required file uploads, the respondent can drag multiple files at once in the file upload, or upload them one by one, using the upload another file button.
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File types and storage

Tally supports uploading any type of file with a file size of 10MB for free. Looking for a way to collect larger files from respondents? Tally Pro offers unlimited file storage.