Coda is an all-in-one doc that brings words, data, & teams together. With The Tally Pack for Coda you can combine the power of Tally with Coda, for free.
✔️ Send form submissions to Coda
✔️ Visualize form results
✔️ Embed forms on Coda
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Use this pack to send form responses to Coda and leverage all the power from Coda tables, including creating unique views, groupings, and charts from your form submissions.
Tally’s Pack for Coda is available for free.
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Send form submissions to Coda

Access the Tally Pack by typing /tally in your Coda doc.
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Authenticate your account and click Submissions to get a list of your Tally forms. Drag your form into the doc to access the form submissions.
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Your form submissions will be displayed in a Coda table with rows representing form submissions and columns representing the form questions.
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Existing submissions are being synced automatically, and new submissions can be updated manually, hourly, or daily.
To refresh data manually click the the arrow next to the edit button. To update hourly or daily open the table options and go to Tally form submissions.
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Once your submissions are synced, you can use Coda’s Views to explore the results in different ways.

Visualize form results

Once your form submissions are synced to Coda you visualize your form data by turning it into charts. For example:
  • Use a Pie Chart to review the breakdown of your form submissions
  • Use a Word Cloud to identify the most popular submissions
  • Use a Bar Chart to understand your audience and their roles
Click Options followed by Chart to see the different charts and customization options.
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Embed a form on Coda

Collect responses from stakeholders directly in your doc by embedding a Tally form. Start by creating a form and Publish.
Then go to the Share tab and click Standard to open the embed options.
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Choose your settings and copy the embed link.
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Go to your Coda doc and type /embed to create an embed.
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Paste the link and click create to embed the form.
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