How to embed a form in an email

While it's not possible to embed an interactive Tally form directly into an email, you can creatively integrate your forms into your email content to collect responses.
This guide will walk you through the steps of creating a visually appealing email that redirects recipients to your pre-filled Tally form.
✔️ Increases response rates ✔️ Reduces friction and improves user engagement ✔️ Encourages instant feedback


How to integrate a form in an email

Follow these steps to create a visually appealing email that redirects recipients to your Tally form when clicked.

1. Create an appealing design

Create a design within your email that mimics the form you want your users to fill out. This could be a set of images that look like buttons or even an image of the form itself.
For instance, if your form starts with a simple rating scale from 1 to 5, you can create 5 separate images (or HTML buttons) each representing a vote from 1 to 5 within the email.
notion image

2. Link your design to your Tally form

Each of your created images or buttons should be linked to your Tally form. However, instead of simply linking to the form's URL, add query parameters to the URL that correspond to the answer each image or button represents.
For our rating scale example, your buttons' links would look something like this:
  • and so forth...

3. Prepare your Tally form

To ensure that each recipient's response is accurately captured, you'll need to set up your Tally form to receive the query parameters.
To do this, create a hidden field within your Tally form named after the parameter, in our example, it would be "vote". This hidden field will capture the parameter value from the URL.
notion image
Next, add a question to your Tally form with the same answer options as your email design. Then, set the hidden field's value as the default answer to the question.
notion image
The end result is that when a recipient clicks on a button within your email, they'll be taken to your Tally form with their chosen response already selected. All they'll need to do is confirm their selection to submit the form.
This strategy maintains the interactivity of your email, keeps your users' experience seamless, and allows you to collect responses through Tally in an efficient manner.
Enjoy integrating Tally with your emails!