How to embed a Tally form into Notion

Besides sending Tally forms responses to a Notion database, you can also embed a Tally form in Notion.
  1. Create a Tally form and Publish
  1. Go to the Share tab of your form and choose Standard
notion image
  1. Adjust the embed options to your liking. You can read more about them .
  1. Copy the embed link and paste it on your Notion page
  1. Drag the embed to adjust the size
notion image

Using a third-party tool for your Notion website?

By default, Notion adds a beige background to embedded forms with a transparent background. You don’t see this when working in the Notion editor, but you will when you use a tool like Super or Potion to customize your Notion website (and background).

White background

If you have a website with a white background, we advice to disable the transparent background in your form embed settings to give your form a white background and make it blend in seamlessly.

Dark mode

Unfortunately it’s not possible yet to modify the Notion default background from your form embed, when using dark mode.