How to add popup forms to Notion with Tally and Super

Looking for a (free) way to collect data on your Notion site? Embed a Tally form on your Notion page, or choose a popup form to catch the attention of your visitors.
In order to add a popup form to your Notion site, you need to be able to access the HTML code of your page, which isn’t possible — unless you use Super, a tool to build websites with Notion.
For this tutorial you will need a free account for the following tools.
The simplest way to create free forms.
Tally The simplest way to create free forms.
The all-in-one workspace.
Notion The all-in-one workspace.
Build websites with Notion.
Super Build websites with Notion.

1. Set up your Notion site in Super

Super offers all the features you need to build a functional and beautiful website, with nothing but Notion. Creating a site with Super takes seconds, follow these instructions to get started.

2. Create a Tally form

Start by creating a form and publishing it. You can start from scratch or choose one of our pre-made templates.
Publish your form, go to the Share tab and click Popup.
notion image

3. Choose your popup settings

The configuration panel lets you edit your popup, and shows a preview of how your popup will look like. In this example, we want to display the popup when people have scrolled through 70% of our page.
notion image
Read more about popup settings.
Read more about popup settings.

4. Copy the embed code

In your Tally Popup settings, click Get the code to get and copy the embed code.
notion image

5. Add the code to your Super site

Go to your Super site editor and open the Code page.
notion image
Paste the embed code in the Head or Body tab.
notion image
Save and your popup has been added to your Super site.
notion image