Form settings

You can find your form settings in the Settings tab of your published form.



You can display default text and error messages in multiple languages in your forms. Right-to-left (RTL) text support is available for Arabic, Hebrew, and Yoruba.

Redirect on completion

Want to take your respondents to a web page of your choice, like your website or a calendar tool once they complete your form? You can easily set it up using our redirect on completion feature.

Progress bar

The progress bar provides a clear way for respondents to understand how much of the form they have completed and encourages them to continue until the end.

Partial submissions

What if you could view unfinished submissions of respondents who don't complete your form? Partial submissions do just that! Gather data from lost leads, find drop-off points, and improve your form conversion rates. Partial submissions are a Tally Pro feature.

Remove Tally branding

Looking for a way to create forms that fit your brand seamlessly? Tally Pro users can hide the "Made with Tally" badge in the footer of your form and on your Thank you page.

Email notifications

Self email notifications

Self email notifications allow you to automatically receive an email after every form submission. You can fully customize email components, like the subject title.

Respondent Email Notifications

Set up respondent notifications to send a follow-up email to your respondents. You can use this to share a summary of their form responses, thank your respondents, or share a quiz score. This feature is available for Tally Pro users.


Close form

You can manually close your form so no one can respond to it anymore.

Close form on a scheduled date

If you want your form to close on a particular date, you can use this feature to set a scheduled date for closing it.

Limit number of submissions

Set the maximum number of form submissions you want to receive before closing the form automatically.

Closed form message

You can add a customized message your respondents will see when they access a closed form. You can edit the title and description text. Here’s an example of a custom closed message screen:
notion image


Auto-jump to next page

When your page only contains one question, you can auto-jump to the next page without clicking the Nextbutton. Auto-jump is only available for multiple choice, dropdown, rating or linear scale questions and is disabled by default.
notion image
To enable it:
  1. Open the form you want to add auto-jump to
  1. Click on Settings at the top of your nav bar
  1. Scroll down to the Behavior section
  1. Toggle the Auto-jump to next page setting
notion image

Save answers for later

You can save answers of forms that haven’t been submitted so respondents can continue from where they left off. The answers are stored in the local browser and never leave the respondent’s device.
Answers will not be visible when the respondent opens the form in another browser or uses incognito mode.