Respondent Email Notifications

Tally has 2 types of email notifications: self email notifications and respondent email notifications.
Use respondent notifications to send an email to your respondents after form submission. Common use cases are sharing a summary of form responses, thanking your respondents, or sharing a score of a quiz or test.
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Respondent email notifications is a Tally Pro feature.


How it works

Go to the form settings of your published form → Respondent Email Notifications. Switch it on to send an email to your respondents when they complete a form.
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Simply type text into the email fields or use @ to insert data from your form. You can insert input fields, hidden fields or calculated fields to create dynamic emails.
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Email fields

To field

Type @ to insert an input field (e.g. email), hidden fields or calculated fields from your form.

Reply to

Only use this field if you want respondents to be able to reply to your email.


Write anything you like in the subject field or type @ to insert form data.

From name

By default the emails are sent from ‘Tally Forms’ and the domain ‘[email protected]’. You can edit the From name in this field, the domain can not be modified.
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Email body

Customize the content as you like and type @ to get a list of responses to insert. Select text to apply text formatting.
Do you want to send different emails based on form responses? Learn more about inserting variables in emails here →