Matrix question

The matrix block allows respondents to input data in a grid-like format. It can be used for questions that involve multiple statements or criteria with a common set of response options.
For example, you could use a matrix field to ask respondents to rate their level of agreement with a series of statements on a Likert scale or rate multiple products or services on a set of attributes (e.g. quality, price, customer service).
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How it works

Simply type /matrix to insert the matrix block.
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Add your question and values in the rows and columns. To add rows or colums simply hit enter or click + .
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To move rows or columns, drag them to the correct position.
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To allow the respondents to choose multiple answers per row, enable Multiple Selection. To randomize the rows, open the block settings and click Randomize rows.
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To mention answers to your matrix question, simply type @ and select the value you want to mention.

Conditional logic

You can use conditional logic to conditionally show and hide rows or columns.
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Formatting text

To format the text or add links, simply select the text in your rows or columns.
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Customizing the design

Use our free customization options or custom CSS to fully customize the look & feel of your matrix question.
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Duplicate one of our form templates and start using the matrix right away.
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