Invite team members

Tally Pro helps teams work together by inviting team members to shared workspaces. Share your forms and results in a secure way, without sharing private login credentials.
✔️ Invite unlimited users
✔️ Manage access rights
✔️ Share in a secure way
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Inviting team members is a Tally Pro feature.
Tally does not offer real-time collaboration on forms yet.

How to invite team members

Go to your Tally dashboard →Invite team members
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Team members are invited on a workspace level. Select one or multiple workspaces to which you wish to invite a team member.
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Type or paste the email address(es) separated by commas.
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Click Invite and the invited team members will receive an email with an invitation to join Tally.
Tally users can only be part of one Tally Pro organization. When you accept to join an organization your existing forms will be transferred to a private workspace in that organization.

How to manage access rights

Click Members to see an overview of the workspaces and their members. All users within a workspace have the same rights to create, edit, view, and delete forms or users.
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Click the trash icon to remove a member from a workspace.
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Removing a member from a shared workspace, does not mean this user has been deleted from your organization. To remove a member from your organization the Tally account of that user needs to be deleted.
Workspace members will also be displayed in the Tally dashboard. Click the profile pictures to open the member overview.
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