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The simplest way to create formshighlight

Say goodbye to boring forms. Meet Tally — the free, intuitive form builder you’ve been looking for.

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floating faces with different expressions
floating faces with different expressions
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Tally 2.0 - The simplest way to create forms for free | Product Hunt

A form builder like no other

Tally makes it simple for anyone to build free online forms. No need to code — just type your questions like you would in a doc.

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Unlimited forms and submissions for free

Paywalls getting in the way of great forms? Here at Tally, we provide unlimited forms, submissions, and everything you need to create professional forms and surveys — all free of charge as long as you stay within our fair usage guidelines.

Unlimited forms and submissions for free

Just start typing

Tally is a new type of online form builder that works like a text document. Just start typing on the page and insert blocks same as Notion.

Privacy-friendly form builder

Your data privacy and security are our top priorities. We are GDPR compliant and treat your data with care and confidentiality.

Tally is hosted in Europe, we don’t use cookie-tracking, and all form data is securely stored, and encrypted both in transit and at rest. Learn more about Tally & GDPR.

Encrypted form data
“Loving Tally! Not sure why I only started using it now, so good!”
Ben Lang
Ben Lang
Angel investor, previously at Notion

Simple buthighlight powerful

Advanced features packed in a simple form builder. It couldn’t be easier to create forms that convert.

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Build any form in seconds

Easily create online forms using our wide range of free input blocks. Collect contact info, files, signatures, payments, and much more. Build everything from surveys to quizzes to lead generation forms.

Various input badges
Contact info. Collect names, addresses, phone numbers, emails & links.
Accept payments. Create checkout forms without code.
Signatures. Accept e-signatures and streamline contract signing.
Rate & rank. Let users share their opinions using visually simple ratings, scales, and rankings.
File uploads. Collect images, PDFs, video and audio files.
Date & Time. Allow respondents easily select date and time.

Craft intelligenthighlight forms

Our smart features make it easy to turn your forms into a tailored experience for every respondent.

Craft intelligent forms

Conditional logic

Build dynamic forms that adapt based on prior inputs or external data. Show and hide blocks, insert branching, or calculate values to create a personalized form experience.

Conditional logic


Use variables to create dynamic content and calculate values, scores, prices and more.


Hidden fields

Pass data to your form with URL parameters. Include UTM parameters or personal data for a customized experience.

Hidden fields
Answer piping. Mention answers from earlier questions to personalize your form.
Email notifications. Send tailored emails to yourself and respondents.
Redirect on completion. Forward respondents to another web page.
Pre-populate fields. Save time by pre-filling form fields with data you already have about respondents.
reCAPTCHA. Protect your forms from spam and bots.
Partial submissions. Capture unfinished form submissions.
“Tally is doing to forms what Notion did to docs & sheets.”
Nathan Castiel
Natan Castiel
Head of Growth, Gelt

Make forms uniquely yourshighlight

Easily customize the design and layout to fit any form to your brand.

Customize your form

Customize your form

Use our pre-made themes or create your own design by customizing colors, fonts, buttons, and more.

Column layout. Display content side-by-side using columns.
Custom CSS. Inject custom CSS to fully control your form design.
Images. Add a logo, cover image and embed visuals.
Embed online content. Embed YouTube, Calendly, Maps, and more.
Multi-page forms. Create a single-page or multi-page form.
40+ supported languages. Translate the default form messages for respondents worldwide.

highlightShare with your audience

Tailor how you share and display forms to connect with your audience across platforms.

Share with your audience


Seamlessly embed your forms into your website, landing page, or Notion. Whether you use WordPress, Webflow, Framer, or any other website builder, integrating Tally forms into your web pages is simple.

Pink arrow


Create an eye-catching popup form for your website in seconds.

Tally links

Share your unique Tally form link with anyone.


Custom domains

Host forms on your own (sub)domain to create branded form links.


highlightConnect your favorite tools

Save time using popular integrations to sync your form submissions.

Connect your favorite tools
Notion integrationNotion. Send submissions to Notion.
Google Sheets integrationGoogle Sheets. Send submissions to a sheet.
Airtable integrationAirtable. Send submissions to Airtable.
Webhooks integrationWebhooks. Send events for new submissions to HTTP endpoints.
Slack integrationSlack. Send Slack messages for new submissions.
Coda integrationCoda. Send submissions to Coda.
Google Analytics integrationGoogle Analytics. Analyze traffic sources, visitor behavior and time spent.
Meta Pixel integrationMeta Pixel. Measure and optimize your ad campaigns.
Zapier integrationZapier. Send submissions to your favorite tools.
Make integrationMake. Send submissions to your favorite tools.
Pipedream integrationPipedream. Send submissions to your favorite tools.
And many more. Integrate with thousands of tools using Zapier, Make or Pipedream.
“Can attest that Tally >>> Typeform hands down”
Steven Tey
Steven Tey
Founder Dub.co, previously at Vercel

Designed for youhighlight

Start from scratch or explore templates created by our community.

Designed for you


· Sell products online

· Grow your newsletter

· Receive contact form messages


· Gather audience feedback

· Receive feature requests

· Conduct user research


· Generate leads

· Register users

· Measure customer satisfaction


· Evaluate employee engagement

· Receive job applications

· Create exit surveys


· Organize team events

· Receive help desk tickets

· Collect internal suggestions


· Create an online quiz

· Send an RSVP form

· Organize a volunteer signup

“Non stop new features and amazing UX makes Tally my go-to form builder. I love using it!”
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Roll up your sleeves

Build stunning forms for free

It’s as simple as one-two-three, and guess what? You don’t even need an account to try it out!

“Absolutely adore Tally! A game-changer - incredibly powerful, yet ridiculously user-friendly. It enabled me to effortlessly gather inputs, add forms with ease, and even pre-fill them. And the icing on the cake - absolutely free to use!”
Shyam Verma
Shyam Verma
Digital creator

Questions & answers

Is Tally really free?
Tally was born out of frustration with expensive form builders and paywalls. That’s why we offer Tally for free, as long as you stay within our fair use guidelines. This allows you to collect unlimited answers without the fear of your account being closed. In return, every Tally form includes a ’Made with Tally’ badge, helping us grow our community. We understand that some users and teams require advanced features to enhance their forms. Enter Tally Pro. With a fixed price, you can remove our branding, collaborate with team members, fully customize forms, and more.
Is Tally GDPR compliant?
Tally is based in Belgium (EU) and complies with the GDPR framework. We’ve bundled all frequently asked questions about GDPR & Tally here.
How does Tally compare to Typeform?
  1. Unlike Typeform, Tally offers everything you need to create beautiful and powerful forms for free, including unlimited forms and responses.
  2. Tally offers an intuitive interface that works like a text document. Just start typing and create and customize any type of form without being restricted to the Typeform format of a single question per page.
  3. Our growth is fueled by our customers, not by investors, which means our users always come first. We have a public roadmap and you can contact us here. We’ll reply within the day.
  4. A complete feature comparison
Who is behind Tally?
Tally is a proudly bootstrapped company, founded by Filip Minev 🇧🇬 and Marie Martens 🇧🇪. More about us.
How can I join the Tally community?
Tally is been proudly independent and bootstrapped because of the unwavering support of our passionate user base worldwide. Fostering our community is our topmost priority, so if you’re interested in ways to get involved (organize meetups, create templates, become an affiliate partner) you’ve come to the right place!