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Unlimited forms
Unlimited submissions
Collect payments
File upload
Custom `Thank You` page
Email notifications
Redirect on completion
Form logic
Hidden fields
Answer piping
Schedule a close date
Close on submission limit
Custom closed message
Notion integration
Airtable integration
Zapier integration
Make integration
Google Sheets integration
Tally Pro

Spice things up with Pro

Tally Pro offers empowering features tailored to the advanced needs of teams and creators.
Upgrade for $29/month or $290/year.

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Invite team members to collaborate on forms in shared workspaces and share form results.
Group forms in workspaces per team, project or department, and control members’ access to the forms.
No Tally branding
Remove all Tally branding and have your forms seamlessly represent your brand.
Custom domains
Add your own domains (or subdomains) to your Tally forms and create SEO-friendly pretty URLs. We take care of hosting and SSL certificates for you.
Inject styles & scripts
Add custom styles (e.g. change color, fonts) or scripts (e.g. Google Analytics tracking code, Intercom, Buy Me a Coffee, etc) to your Tally form with a custom domain.
Email notifications
Send fully customized emails to yourself or respondents after form submission. Edit the recipients, subject and email body and insert variables to create dynamic emails.
Partial submissions
Collect answers from people who filled in a part of your form, but didn’t click the submit button. Capture data from lost leads, find drop off points and improve your conversion rates.
No commission
Remove 5% Tally commission on your incoming payments and only pay the Stripe transaction fee.
Unlimited uploads
Remove the 10 MB per file size limit when using the File Upload block.

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