How to grow your newsletter with Tally and Notion

Do you want to create a (free) landing page for your newsletter or podcast? We created a Notion template with embedded Tally forms to help you grow your audience. Use Tally to:
  • Collect email addresses with a sign-up form
  • Receive topic suggestions and display them
  • Automate sponsorships and payments
notion image

How to create your own

  • Create a short sign-up form to collect email addresses and embed it on your Notion page. You can embed a Tally form by simply pasting the form embed link, which you will find in the 'share' tab of your published form. You can then connect your Tally form responses to any email provider or other tool via our Zapier integration.
  • Add a database to your Notion page to display guest or topic suggestions.
notion image
  • Create a form to collect guest suggestions by your readers/listeners and embed it on your page. Our example uses the combination of a label with a short answer block to ask for the name and company of the suggested guest.
  • To display the guest suggestions on your landing page, you need to use the Notion integration to sync the answers to your 'Guest Suggestion' form to your Notion database.
notion image