How to create an e-commerce store with Tally and Notion

This guide is made by Daniel Somoza
Daniel is the co-founder of Notionología, your ally to get the most out of Notion with lots of useful resources, Spanish templates, and tutorials. Besides running a successful Notion community, Daniel is also a lawyer specialized in intellectual property and a UX/UI Designer.
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Recreate Daniel's e-commerce store

  1. Create a Notion (or any webpage) with an overview of the product(s) you want to sell
  1. Create a Tally form and add an image of your product
  1. Insert a multiple-choice question with the size of the product and the price
  1. Create a calculated field'Price' with the initial value of zero. If you have a fixed price (not depending on the size of the product), the initial value should be the price of your product.
  1. Insert conditional logic to calculate the price for each option (in your multiple-choice question). This step does not apply if you have a fixed price.
  1. Ask for the contact details you need to complete the shipment such as name, email, and address.
  1. Add a multiple-choice, checkbox, or dropdown question that allows the respondent to choose their country and calculate shipping costs
  1. Add conditional logic to calculate shipping costs
  1. Insert a payment block and choose the calculated field 'Price' as the amount.
  1. Create a Thank You page with a message that will be shown after purchase.
  1. Link the Tally form to your webpage and you're ready to sell!