Billing and payment information

Click SettingsBilling in the sidebar to view and edit your billing and payment settings.


See your plan details

Tally has 1 paid Tally Pro plan. If you are a Tally Pro customer your subscription will be marked as ON in the side panel of your dashboard. Free users can upgrade by clicking Tally Pro.
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Billing method

  • You can upgrade to Tally Pro using a credit card.
  • You’re charged upfront for the month or year you're about to spend on Tally Pro.
    • Yearly billing saves you 17%.
  • You’ll automatically be charged each month or year on the same date you bought Tally Pro.
    • For example, a yearly plan bought on May 3 will renew May 3 the next year, and a monthly plan renews June 3.
  • If you purchase Tally Pro as a business you can add your company details during the upgrade flow.
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  • After each successful payment, you will immediately receive an email with the invoice.
We cannot amend issued invoices. Therefore, you need to make sure to add all your billing details correctly before hitting the subscribe button.

Manage your subscription

Everything you need to manage your Tally Pro subscription is available in SettingsBillingManage subscription. You can:
  1. Change or cancel your plan
  1. Add a payment method
  1. Update your billing information
  1. Download your invoices
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We can not edit invoices that have been issued in the past

Cancel your subscription

  • You can cancel your Tally Pro subscription at any time in SettingsBillingManage subscription
  • Your cancellation will be effective and access to Tally Pro features will stop at the end of the prepaid period (on the last day of your monthly or yearly billing cycle).

Refund policy

We do not issue refunds for late cancellations or unused time. If you wish to unsubscribe you need to cancel your Tally Pro subscription before your prepaid period ends.
Refund policy


In which currency will I be billed?
You will be billed in USD or EUR, based on your IP location. Visit the pricing page to see which currency you will be charged in.
Do you offer free trials?
We don’t offer free trials but are happy to answer any questions you might have about Tally Pro.
Can I change the language of my invoice?
Stripe (our payment processor) automatically checks a customer’s browser settings to determine their set default language. If it is a supported language, the invoice will be presented in that language.