Partial Submissions

Capture form data when a respondent doesn't hit the submit button.
What if you could view unfinished submissions of respondents that don't complete your form? Partial Submissions does just that! Gather data from lost leads, find drop off points and improve your form conversion rates.
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Partial Submissions are available for Tally Pro users. For security reasons signatures are not saved as partial submissions, they can not be synced to other applications using integrations, and email notifications can not be used.

Enable partial submissions

Open your form, go to form settings (1) and enable Partial Submissions (2). New partial submissions will be displayed in your Submissions tab from now on.
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For security reasons signatures are not saved as partial submissions.

View partial submissions

Partial submissions are not included in the Summary of your submissions. To view partial submissions, go to Submissions. In the 'All' tab you'll see all form submissions, the partial submissions are indicated with an icon.
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Go to the Completed tab to see completed form submissions and to the Partial tab to see the partial submissions.
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Partial submissions and integrations

You can not export partial submissions with integrations, nor enable email notifications. If you'd like to export the partial submissions of your form, go the Partial tab and click Download CSV file.
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