Populate hidden fields with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers personalization tags to insert dynamic content into campaigns, automation emails, email subject lines, sms messages, and more.
Just like you would customize the name of respondents in your email campaigns, you can also customize hidden field parameters in a Tally form URL. This allows you to automatically create and send custom form URLs to your respondents.
This guide was made with the help of Ernesto Mandowsky, founder of CPD Advisors.

How it works

1. Create a Tally form

Create a Tally form and type /hidden to insert the hidden fields you need. In this example we want to include the email address and the source of the respondent.
notion image
Publish your form and go to the Share tab to copy the form URL.

2. Create a campaign with ActiveCampaign

Create a campaign and embed a Button in your email. In the sidebar, click the gear box next to Link . Paste the Tally form URL including the hidden field URL parameters.
The first hidden field should be preceded by ? . When adding multiple fields, separate them with & . For example: https://tally.so/r/31eJL3?email=%EMAIL%&source=email
In this example we match the hidden field ‘email’ to the personalization tag (%EMAIL%). The hidden field ‘source’ gets the fixed value ‘email’, because the source of all respondents will be email.

3. Launch the campaign

When you launch your email campaign the Tally form URL will be automatically updated with the content from ActiveCampaign, and the hidden field values will be available in your Tally form results.
You can also use the hidden field values to pre-populate answers in your form