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What other actions do you need to be taken?

Since the release of ChatGPT's GPTs, i has been buzzing with excitement, crafting numerous GPTs and enjoying those shared by the community.
But let's face it – a mere Prompt and a handful of basic GPTs tools can get pretty dull. I believe Actions in GPTs are game-changers, and they should be in the hands of every creator, not just developers!
That's why i built Gapier – a no-code solution to supercharge your GPTs. Accessible to everyone, Gapier lets you integrate a URL and instantly unlock over 50 additional powers to create a more robust GPTs (50% has been completed, and I hope to gather the remaining 50% from users).
Excited? We are too! Share with us the GPTs features or APIs you've always desired but lacked the skills to develop.
If you are a developer, you may be interested in Publishing the Action you developed from Gapier.

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