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Publish the Action you developed from Gapier

I am Kane, the creator of Gapier.
After recently launching Gapier, I have received a significant amount of attention from users, including ChatGPT users and numerous developers.
Many developers have expressed their hope for us to develop Gapier in order to integrate their actions and collectively serve our ChatGPT users. As a developer myself, I find this idea to be excellent and a delightful surprise to have the opportunity to support other developers in a way that I had not previously considered.
Therefore, I have promptly opened this pathway. If you would like to open your actions through Gapier for use with ChatGPT, please fill out the form below. I will then contact you to complete the integration as soon as possible.

What Can You Gain by Connecting to Gapier?

Initially, I was uncertain too, but after communicating with several developers, I discovered other significant benefits of Gapier, which include:
1. Access to Gapier's growing user base for other Actions. While it's not extensive yet, it's continually expanding.
2. Promotional support for your Actions, offering the same marketing resources as Gapier's built-in Actions.
3. Joining a community of developers, where you can receive assistance and share insights.
4. Future access to Gapier's platform capabilities like analytics, payment processing, and user management.
5. Earning potential. Currently, Gapier isn't profiting, but once it does, we plan to roll out a revenue-sharing program. This means you can sell your Actions on Gapier and earn a share.
6. One-time integration allowing more AI ChatBot users to access your tools. Indeed, adapting to more AI ChatBot and Agent platforms is already in our roadmap.