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Add a Guest Post about Marketing for SaaS Companies

Are you a marketing service provider providing marketing expertise for SaaS companies?
If you are a confident about that your service and skill can create a big difference for SaaS companies, we have the perfect opportunity for you to showcase this with SaaSwrites!
We are partnering with experts like you like you to add your marketing expertise and get your blog post featured in our Library section of the blog so your customers see your Marketing Service as an authority.

Who is this for?
If you run any kind of marketing service specifically for SaaS companies, this is for you. It also helps if you have a decent track record so you can apply to partner with us on MarkVett - a vetted SaaS marketing network, where we bring you SaaS clients and share a revenue split along with that juicy backlink.

What's SaaSwrites?
SaaSwrites is a marketing hub for SaaS companies. We provide strategic marketing consulting to SaaS founders and help them execute the defined strategies through marketing channels.
Know more about SaaSwrites here.

What's the application process?
Please note that the applicants are carefully vetted to ensure quality of the blog post. Here's the process:
1. Send us your blog post in Notion
2. We review and send it back for revisions (if any)
3. We publish your blog post
Once we both feel confident in the post to deliver value to our SaaSwrites audience, we will add your expertise as a published blog post.
Note: We partner with several SaaS marketing providers like you, however, note that there might be others who would be providing the same service as you. Make sure your blog post is specific and unique on how you help SaaS companies. It helps us and the readers to choose your service over others.

Ready? Excited to get started!

Personal Details

Tell us a bit more about yourself?

Who do you identify yourself as?

Who do you identify yourself as?

How did you hear about this?

How did you hear about this?

SaaS Post: Details

How it works?

Rules for posting your Blog Post:

Add your blog post on Notion and send us the Notion link:
Here are a few things we recommend in the Blog Post for publishing approval:
1. We go through the text with an AI proof-reader and reject articles generated by AI.
2. Make your blog post personal. Share your stories and share how your customers are using your service.
3. Add personalized videos: Add a loom video or a YouTube video explaining your blog post and service.
4. Share your story on why and how you did this.
5. Share three biggest benefits of using your service and your methodology.
6. Add the primary Target Audience that uses your service.
7 Add rich media with screenshots of how you provide your service
8. Share a maximum of 1 link with an anchor tag that is helpful for your readers who are potential prospects of your product


Share your story and offer in a maximum of 500 characters. This will come as part of the author tag.
Upload your headshot image for the Author: (Max size 9MB)

Submit your Notion link

Note: Once you submit, we might edit or trim some parts of the content as per SaaSwrites. Once published, if you find any of the content not up to your liking, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we will take the necessary action.
Thanks for showing interest and applying to offer your marketing services. We will keep you posted on your application process via email.