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Post your Marketing Service

Are you an expert helping SaaS companies with your marketing services?
If you are a confident about your ability to create a big marketing difference with your deep-dive expertise and attention to detail, we have the perfect opportunity for you!
We are looking for Marketing partnerships with experts like you to join our list and take on full responsibility for our SaaS clients that need specific help that falls within your expertise.

Who is this for?
If you provide any kind of service as a marketing agency, freelancer or a consultant, this is for you. It also helps if you work specifically with SaaS clients. We partner with you, where we bring you clients and share a revenue split.

What's SaaSwrites?
SaaSwrites is a marketing hub for SaaS companies. We provide strategic marketing consulting to SaaS founders and help them execute the defined strategies through marketing channels.
Know more about SaaSwrites here.

What's the application process?
Please note that the applicants are carefully vetted to ensure quality of service providers. Here's the process:
1. Fill in your details in this form. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.
2. We connect with each other for 15 minutes.
Once we both feel confident in our abilities to deliver value to our SaaS clients, we will add you to our list and reach out to you when we have SaaS companies looking for your leads.
Note: We partner with only a select service providers like you, however, note that there might be others who would be providing the same service as you. If your answers are specific and unique on how you do business, it helps us and the client to choose you over others.

Ready? Excited to get started!

Personal Details

Tell us a bit more about yourself?

Who do you identify yourself as?

Who do you identify yourself as?

How did you hear about this?

How did you hear about this?

Service Details

What channel do you primarily work with?

What is your primary expertise in your marketing channel?

For example, if you selected Paid Ads and work specifically with Google Ads, mention Google Ads. Similarly, if you selected SEO and work specifically with Link Building, mention Link Building.

Explain briefly about your offer to the SaaS companies?

What results can your SaaS clients expect from you?

What are your usual work timings?

Please mention your work timings with your timezone. For example, 8am - 1pm PST.

Usually how long is your typical engagement (in months)?

Please share in detail your most impressive result from the last 6-12 months?

Would you be working alone on projects or do you have a team?

Can you explain in detail how the delivery process would like, what kind of members are usually involved in your scope of work, and how does the client work their way navigating communication?

What is a typical range of your charges (select all that apply)?

Note: We match clients with you that request for support in accordance with their budget. While it is good to be ambitious, it's a good practice to select rates that match your services.
What is a typical range of your charges (select all that apply)?

Your Previous Work

Share a testimonial of a SaaS brand you have worked with and the POC of the scope of work:

Testimonial 1

POC Name of your work as reference:

POC Contact Details (Social Media Link or Email):

Any case study of a previous client you have worked with?

Delivery of Work and Partnership

What’s the % split you are willing to offer to SaaSwrites for giving you a SaaS client as a lead?

Thanks for showing interest and applying to offer your marketing services. We will keep you posted on your application process.