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Gogec 2025 Team Registration

Gogec is a totally free event to participate in, so by filling out this form you will be fully registered for the event, no fees needed!
Once you are registered, you just need to submit the required materials by the deadline in January and attend the virtual conference which will take place in February, 2025.
The deadline for guaranteed team registration is 11:59 PM UTC November 30th, 2024. Late registration will be available after that, but is subject to limited space depending on the number of teams that have registered.

What is your team name?

What is an email address that can be used to contact your team?

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What country is your team based in?

What time zone is your team located in?

Is your team associated with a university?

Is your team associated with a university?

How many team members are a part of your team?

Please list the names of your team members below: (Use the format FirstName LastName, Alice Andrews, Bob Brown, Collin Carter, etc.)

How many of your team members have already graduated from an undergraduate institution?

How will we use this information?
We will use your team name and team member names to credit you when we display your project or if you win any awards. We will use the number of team members to determine what capacity we will need when planning logistics for the event. We will use your email to contact you with information necessary for your team to attend the conference. We will use the number of graduates for categorizing whether your team is an undergraduate or graduate team. We will use the country and university information for planning based on the geographic locations of teams.