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Making Bank Guest and Contributor Interest Form
Making Bank is a podcast under the Podcast Hatchery to be released on the BanklessDAO Presents Channel.
Wecome to Making Bank
The show For BanklessDAO by BanklessDAO where each week we highlight a project and a personality from inside the Bankless DAO
We want to showcase the work that we do and the people who do it
This is our story as we journey to become more bankless
If you want to learn more about what it is that we do then just keep listening and I hope you enjoy todays Episode of Making Bank
The Podcast Hatchery is incubating egg-cellence, and we need your help to fly!
Would you like to be a guest on Making Bank, our internal podcast? We want to hear your story, and more importantly, your fellow members want to hear it too!
What motivated you to join Bankless DAO? / Who or What brought you to Bankless DAO?
Are you new here and on a guest pass, or have you been here from Day One?
What are you interested in? What projects or initiatives are you working on?
We'd love to chat with you. Don't worry about your technical skills, or being recorded 'live'. We will record and edit prior to any release, whether internal or public. You always have final say over your voice.
In the member interview segment we want to get to know the members of BanklessDAO on a more personal level. How personal you want to get is totally up to you. This segment can be about your journey getting into crypto or DAOs or Bankless and BanklessDAO or all of those and more. we are looking for people to host the interviews as well as be interviewed (just not at the same time)
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In the Project Feature Segment we want to feature funded projects that have something either already delivered or even better something about to be released that we can align with our release of the episode for more impact.