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Setup your 1-1 experience. Let's begin.

Impress your community with a 1-on-1 chat experience. With just a 3-minute setup, you'll be all set to launch and make an unforgettable impression.

01 - Username

Format: @username_bot

02 - Photo

Your image should be at least 200x200px and must be in JPG or PNG format.

03 - Name

Be short. Maximum 1-2 short words. You can change your name later if you'd like.

04 - Description

Short and catchy, sum up your business in 2-3 lines. Change it anytime.

05 - Language

05 - Language

06 - Chat Paywall

You have the possibility to add pricing to access to your chat.
06 - Chat Paywall

07 - Telegram Admin

Other admins can be added later if you'd like.

08 - Email

We'll email you the link that you can share to your community.