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Client Onboarding Form - 3 Months Package($300 one-time + $120 pay per meeting + $12 pay per IQL)

Personal & Company Info

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Email Automation Setup Details

The domains to be purchased will be similar to your main domain. For example, if your company's name is "Microsoft", the domains will be "", "". Do you approve of this?
The meeting link will be created by Leadhunter to be used in cold outreach texts. When a potential customer books a meeting, the Leadhunter team will add the relevant person from your company to the invitation.

Email data from

Select "Verified" in "Email Status" filter and remove "Guessed"
Make sure you copy a valid Apollo search URL that starts with You have a limit of up to 3K people searching for 3 months package

Where did you hear about us?

I have read and approved the FAQs section on the website.
The payment link for per meeting and per IQL will be sent to you 30 days after the start date of work. The payment period is a maximum of 1 week. If payment is not made within this period, all systems will stop.

Important Note:
After the one-time payment via Stripe. We'll start processing and you will be invited to the client panel. 30 days after the start date of work, you will be billed Per Meeting Lead and IQL.