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Onboarding Form I TPC® Club ENG


What´s TPC® Club?
We are a private and experienced community that invests in disruptive blockchain technology startups, at their earliest stages. To put it simply, we are angel investors who look for startups, study them and invest before anyone else does, with all that this entails, such as better prices, better conditions and high probability of profit. Although, you should also know that there are high risks.
Our mission is to bring to the small and medium investor these opportunities previously reserved for only a few.
What types of projects do we invest in at TPC?
TPC's vision is set on medium-long term (1-2 years). We invest in projects that are disruptive within the crypto ecosystem, with strong fundamentals, a committed team and powerful partners that can support the project during its development.
How does it work? 1-Access to the club is FREE. The presale fees will be between 10% and 15%.
We have a loyalty program where as you invest with the club you will gain reputation and your fees will be reduced.

2- Minimum investment amount: 500 USD. There are also limited places (FCFS) of 300 USD per round.

3-You will have access to a Telegram channel and a Discord server where we announce all the projects.

4-In the same channels you are provided with a form with the terms and conditions of the presale, as well as the steps to participate.

5-Before opening an investment pool, we will upload a video explaining all the virtues of the project and why you should invest in it. We will also indicate the date and time for a round of questions and answers to clear up all your doubts.

6-We have 24/7 assistance for any concern or doubt you may have.

What´s your name?

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(Your access will only be approved if you meet the minimum requirements)
Risk warning: Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk. The TPC community will do its best to choose the most reliable projects and information, but is not responsible for any losses that may occur. Please trade with caution. Warning: Please be aware and always make sure that you are visiting the official TPC Presail website when connecting your wallet.