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Submit Your Work | Felicity Inc.

General Guidelines irrespective of community:
- Always send at least 5 photographs or artworks.
- Always mention a suitable title for your work.

Additional points:

Felicity is a platform for creators. So, you can send your blog links, YouTube links along with your work. We will post it.
As we are receiving 100s of mail every day, your work may go live in 14 days. So, please be patient.

Why you should send us?

We are providing a platform to all the creators out there.
Our website has more than 150k+ views. Don't you think that's amazing and your work needs to be there?

Regarding the Instagram feature: Our curation team chooses the best post of the respective art form.

So, if your work will be selected among others, you may get an Instagram feature. Our Instagram has more than 19k followers and over 7 million accounts reach.

If you will not follow the guidelines, you will receive a mail saying that your piece isn't selected.
You can send your work after a week so that everyone gets a fair chance.

About You:

About Your Work:
Type Of Work:
learn how to create a drive link at
(please ensure you have given access to [email protected]
(if it's a video submit YT link)