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Modrinth application

Some preliminary info

Optional Link to Portfolio or GitHub/GitLab

Upload your resume and/or cover letter

Why do you want to work at Modrinth? (max: 500 chars)

What is one of your favorite features of the Modrinth website? (max: 250 chars)

How did you find this job?

How did you find this job?

Technical Challenge (5min)

Please complete the coding challenge below and upload the finished file

Answers must use JavaScript and run in the latest version of Chrome/Firefox with no additional dependencies!
Given a slug of a Modrinth project, print out the number of downloads it has. Ex: "modmenu" -> 345641
Hint: may help here :)
Disclaimer: You own all rights to the code you produce for this coding challenge. We will not intentionally use code produced by you in this coding challenge for any of our projects.