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We’re a small boutique agency of financial professionals providing accounting and fractional CFO services for service-based businesses. We help first-generation founders get clear on their finances so they can live better and leave a better financial legacy for their families.
The values we practice:
Transparency + Vulnerability - We believe in honesty without the fluff. Our meetings together are a judgment-free zone where you can share the full scope of your finances.*
Clarity + Confidence - We believe in knowing your numbers, so that you can have the clarity to grow your profit confidently.*
Relationships - We believe in honoring the vision of our clients. Our role is to provide financial guidance and advice to help the CEO steer towards her vision.*
Empowerment - We believe in empowerment through education, as education leads to increased confidence in decision-making.*
The answers you provide below help us better understand you, your business, and what type of service you are looking for. Your transparency is critical to our relationship. We look forward to getting to know you!
All the best,
Dondrea, Stacie, Lynn, Michaela, Chaniece, and Melissa
P.S. To work with our accounting firm, you must have an active QuickBooksOnline subscription.

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How did you hear about The Creative's CFO?

How did you hear about The Creative's CFO?